Food-Like Substance For Thought

In the past 2 years I have learned a lot about myself, my body and my food.  Having been a pin cushion for the better part of one of those years forced me to do some of my own research.  So many things pointed toward…food.

After my last child was born I decided that my body wasn’t the same as it used to be.  I am sure no other mother in the world can relate…

ANYWAY…although my post baby weight was the same as pre-baby weight, things had changed.  What I should have done was focus on getting toned.  What I did was focus on losing weight.

If any of you have tried to lose weight before, you know that in the beginning the first few pounds come off fast.  This was a great encouragement to me and I got into a nice routine where I kept losing weight.  I had a 2 year old, a 1 year old and new baby…it was pretty easy to not focus on food and even easier to stay in the lose weight cycle.

Long story short, eventually it caught up to me.  I was not trying to be unhealthy, but I was unhealthy and my body was not happy.  I had ingested too many food like substances…low calorie this, fat free that…anything to keep me feeling full without really making me full, or fully nourished.

Once I realized my body was not thriving I put on a couple more pounds, but not in a healthy way, which led me to forming a new habit…eating…a lot…of junk.  And pretty soon I had more pounds on me than I wanted.  After restricting calories, being insane in working out and splurging too much I discovered a few things about me.

* It is ok to skip breakfast.

For me, whether or not I eat breakfast does not change my metabolism.  In all actuality it just adds another meal to my day.  I am a late eater and forcing myself to eat in the morning does not curb my appetite later on.  

* Real food is much better than “man-made” food

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for diet colas, plastic container snacks and candy bars, but I know I shouldn’t have them regularly.  Not because they are considered junk food, but because…well, are they really considered food?  If I can get myself to get past my sugar cravings…the natural foods fill me up much more than these sweet false foods anyway.  An added bonus is that they give me more energy as well.

* My body works better when I am above the 110 pound mark.

Right now I am well above the mark, but I am certainly healthier than I was a year ago when 110 was high for me.  I don’t know how tv stars can do it, especially when half their weight is in the right places, but that work for them.

* It is ok that I am well above the 110 pound mark.

I agree with this statement…I do…most of the time.  Sometimes it still bothers me, but my hubby loves me no matter what and for that I am greatly blessed.  Not to mention that I feel incredibly selfish and horrible for focusing on an extra 10 pounds.  There are people around the world suffering and dying.  I am blessed to have loved ones, a home and food…my focus needs to be shifted.

* Carbs are not the enemy.

Again, for me, carbs don’t seem to be any different in terms of calories than anything else.  My body tends to go with the a calorie is a calorie type of behaving.  However, I will say that veggies and almonds might defy that rule and allow me to eat more than other foods.  I have experimented with many low carb and non-carb plans and at the end of the day my calorie count matters more than the food.  If I eat too many carbs, I get bloated, but lets face it, if I eat too much of any food, I get bloated.

* Water weight is still weight

It drives me crazy when people will say that if you follow a certain plan you will most likely lose a lot of water weight in the beginning.  I am here to agree, but to also say that water weight is weight.  If I lose it, the scale will reflect it and my jeans will also.

* Beer and steak

My grandfather lived to be 90 years old.  He did not concern himself with food intake…ever.  He always had beer and lots of red meat (not always fully cooked).  His diet would surely make the nutritionists cringe.  But he was healthy.  Makes me wonder if we eat in moderation, what FOOD we eat may not be as big of a concern.  Food being the emphasis…not chemicals, additives, etc.

* Eating every 3 hours doesn’t change my metabolism

Again we are back to the a calorie is a calorie thing that happens in my body.

* Dairy gets a bad rap

I am a dairy fan.  My husband and biological kids cannot have dairy, so we don’t often have it in the house.  And dairy does indeed make them sick in multiple ways, not the least of which is triggering their sinus and asthma issues.  Ironically, though, my adopted son and I who eat dairy (even if rarely) are much healthier than the rest and don’t have lingering illnesses…hmmm…connection?  Wishful thinking?

* It is unfortunate that I know so much about food

Before trying to lose weight, I was better at eating…I didn’t go overboard on things, I didn’t feel deprived, I didn’t have trouble stopping when I was full.  From restricting myself so much I have learned that I need to eat in moderation…not in fad diets, or elimination diets.  Those don’t work for me, because then when I splurge…I SPLURGE…and it reverses all the good.  So I am still on the road of trying to keep myself healthy without depriving myself.  I would just like to be back to a non-calorie counting normal-healthy eater again.  

This post is extremely personal to me.  I am embarrassed that so much thought has entered my mind about food…something that is just fuel to keep my body going.  But why not type it out…maybe it will help someone be healthy.  Maybe it will make someone laugh at my thoughts.  Maybe it will help someone know she, or he, is not alone.


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