My husband and I began dating 16 years ago today.

A few things come quickly to mind in heart when I type that…

1.  I do not feel old enough to have been with him that long (or married to him for 11+ years)

2.  I still am awestruck that he still loves me.  🙂

3.  I can remember things from 16 years ago, when at times these days I can’t remember things from 16 seconds ago.


We are among the few with a marriage that is a cord of three…what a rich blessing that is!  We are no better than anyone else.  We rely on our Lord to hold us together.  He brought us together, made us best friends and built our relationship.  I think that friendship is missing from a lot of marriages today.  So many rush in without a foundation.  I am grateful and thankful for the foundation we have to cling to when times get tough..and lets face it, times get tough in any marriage…whether external factors, child stresses or the monotony of  life.  Having a friendship, building memories and loving each other through all of it makes the bonds stronger each day.

I am thankful for the boy who held my hand 16 years ago and for the man who still holds my hand today.  I am thankful for my marriage and family.  I pray that marriages across the globe may cling to God to hold them together.

3.21  🙂

2 responses

  1. “a cord of three” is so important to sustain a marriage. I am on my 2nd marriage. The first was only a cord of two and did last 25 years. I have been married this time for 8 years and this marriage has God as our foundationm and the Holy Spirit as our mediator. We are blessed and so are you.

    Happy Anniversary!

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