Life By Numbers

Have you ever noticed how much we focus on numbers?

How much we weigh, what size we wear, how many minutes we workout, how many calories we consume, how long we spend at a function, how much money we spend on various things…

We want to know if if it all is worth it, how we compare to others, if we get our money’s worth…

I am guilty of it.  Mostly I focus on weight and calories to stay healthy, but I have fallen in the trap of comparing myself to others and that is not okay.

So I am challenging myself and all of you to focus on different numbers…

* how much time am I spending in the Word each day?

* how much time and money am I spending to help and serve others?

* how much quality time am I spending with family and friends?

These numbers are by far more important.  Not that I want to throw away the other numbers…but I do want to keep my numbers in a better balance.

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