Sweet Moment

My 3 year old….he is ornery…but he is sweet, no doubt.

Today, we are taking care of a 3 month old whom he is “going to marry someday.”  He was listening to her coo-ing and said…

“Mommy, I hear Jesus in her.”

I said, “What?”

And he said, “I hear Jesus in her.”

OK, Mommy is a bit floored at this point, but I say, “Well, what did He say?”

My 3 year old laughs and says “nothing.”  “But, he is making her heart happy.”


4 responses

  1. Wow!! That is amazing! You hear such stories about how children are so much freer in their relationship with God.. they just ‘feel’ Him so much more naturally.. probably because life hasn’t taught them not to yet!!! Bless him – he’ll be a real man for God one day!!!!

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