So tomorrow we are celebrating Mother’s Day early with my family.  It will be an interesting day…first the half marathon, then a Mother’s gathering and then, sadly, we have to go to a funeral home after.  Kind of a crazy mix of events.

My mom, who is amazing, is hosting.  We debate over this every year, because she is my mom and I don’t want her to do any work.  However, since we are doing it a week early and it is the day of the race, I couldn’t debate it too much this year.

So…I forced her to let me be in charge of dessert.  I can keep dessert safe in the car while I run.  I opted to do a bite size dessert platter with mini brownies, mini angel food cupcakes with almond frosting, biscotti, mini chocolate chip pies, chocolate cookie type doughnut type deliciousness and macaroons.  The macaroons my husband and I had out around Christmas time and today they taste exactly … exactly… exactly like they did there.  I hope they do tomorrow as well.  😉  Anyway, thought I would share the recipe…it is a great one.


ps…I am also getting an ice cream cake on the way…yummmmmmy!

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  1. Makes me hungry! Enjoy celebrating your mother! I lost mine 12 years ago and there isn’t a day that I don’t miss here. Good luck in the marathon.

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