breaks and lessons

So around our household everything is breaking (freezers, cars, computers, big things) and it seems to have been that way for quite awhile now.  I am convinced that we are supposed to be learning a lesson from all this, but I cannot come up with what it may be.  Obviously I haven’t learned it yet, since things continue to break.  I don’t see myself as a materialistic person, but maybe I am more than I think.  Or maybe there is no lesson at all and it is just life.  What do you think?

5 responses

    • That sounded a little conceited…many apologies. Just meaning to say that, yes, some things break due to misuse or overuse. It is the things that break when new or well cared for that cause frustration.

  1. I agree…..I think it is all about being well prepared and being good stewards of what God gives us….but I will not pretend that when something breaks that it is not frustrating!

  2. I appreciate both of your thoughts, but think I am supposed to be learning something different…deeper. I am not a spender so try not to abuse things and try not to put overemphasis on things in general. I think we can learn from most any situation. Time will tell. Maybe I am a slow learner. 😉
    However, if plugging in a brand new freezer and putting food in it and having it break a month later is not using it properly, I am befuddled. Those things cause more frustration than the things you know are overused, misused, or have served well and are just old. 🙂

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