In the midst of being reminded that God is always more than enough…always….more, I am reading a book about Louie Zamperini.  Louie was an Olympic runner who was drafted to war.  He had a hard life before war and it became significantly (quite the understatement) harder during.  His plane went down and he floated on a raft with 2 other men for 2000 miles (1 of the 3 men didn’t make it the whole way).  He and other man that survived floated on a flotation raft circled by sharks for 47 days…their skin becoming dyed by the melting rafts, their bodies turning into skeletons before their eyes.  He was transferred from various camps of torture to more camps of torture.  He was close to death multiple times and still found ways to keep his mind sharp.  Throughout all of these experiences that most of us can’t even imagine…beatings, torture, starvation, humiliation, he prayed to God.  He speaks of times when he heard the angels singing quite clearly, but no one else did.  He even was able to see 21 figures singing to him from above.  I have not yet finished the book,  but I know that Louie Zamperini is still alive today.  He survived the worst life can deal out and yet knew that God is still more than enough.  I am not sure how anyone could have gotten through those horrific days without the strength of God holding them up.


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  1. Just finished the book today and let me just tell you…what an amazing man! He was able to forgive the people that brought him to the brink of death multiple times. If he can offer forgiveness, anyone of us can. And while on the subject…if Christ can offer forgiveness…than we all should. None of us, not even Louie, have been as perfect and as forgiving as Our Lord and Savior.

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