Book Update

I tried and tried to finish Seabiscuit.  I really did.  I am not a fan of starting a book and not following through to the end, but I have yet to complete it.  I have not returned it to the library, but it is on the back burner for now.  I may need to get the movie for this one.  I was quite disappointed, because Unbroken (by the same author) was AMAZING!   I think there are a couple reasons I was not a fan of Seabiscuit.  Since it was about a horse, and a horse can’t offer information, there were many presumptions and assumptions.  Even reading about the people, the author made remarks saying assuming statements.  For a non-fiction book, I didn’t want assumptions, just the facts please m’am, just the facts.  Also, I have heard that once the reader gets to part 2, the book really picks up.  This is why I have not completely given up.  I struggled through section 1 and feel if I went through the hard part, I should stick around for the better part.  I am not ready to attack it at the moment, maybe after I read a couple other books first.

I did just finish Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah.  It was okay.  It certainly made me keep turning pages to see what would happen, but it is also more in the fluff category of reading.  As I was reading I felt like I was reading catch phrases and pop culture words more often than not.  I was not a fan of the language or of a couple scenes, but it did make me cry at the end.  I put it in the okay to take to the beach and read category.  Not earth-shattering wonderful, but a nice quick read.   I have Winter Garden by the same author checked out from the library, but am not sure if I am going to read it.  I may go with Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet next.

Will let you know!  🙂


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