Day 3

Morning workout: arms…including lats, presses and shrugs


Breakfast: Protein Shake and berries

Snack: egg whites and berries

Lunch: lunchmeat, cheese, almonds, bananas

Snack: rye crispbreads and margarine

Dinner: egg whites, lettuce, berries

Snack: banana, almonds, rye crispbread and margarine


Water = 62 ounces

Evening workout: Jillian Michaels 30 day shred level 3


I caved and had another protein shake after Jillian.  Before bed I will consume another 20 ounces of water and also do some more push ups, curls and presses.


Be back tomorrow!

Oh yeah and total calories for the day = 1645


2 responses

  1. I used to do Jillian all the time…then I trained for the half and did a lifting program with Jamie Eason…and actually gained quite a few pounds…always hungry. Now I am trying…trying…trying to ease up a bit on the food intake (old habits are hard to break) and trying to ease up a little on my body while still remaining toned. Toned and slimmer is my goal. 😉

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