day 27

AM workout: weights…back, biceps, triceps

Food/calories: day 2 of limited sugar, calories near 1800

Water: water intake has been great with the elimination of diet drinks

PM workout: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs

It is amazing how quickly a body can change.  I have always had a 6 pack, well for as long as I remember thinking about it, of course aside from being pregnant, and not necessarily rock hard, but there.  Anyway, enough of the run on sentence.  Many times I have to work really hard to see my six pack…sucking in just so.  But after just 1 day of limited sugar it is far more noticeable.  I love that it is coming out of hiding.  I truly truly truly know that it really matters little if I have a six pack or not.  I truly truly truly know my inner being is more important.  But it is kind of fun to see it come out of hiding.  😉

Oh I also was unable to eat my salsa yesterday because there is sugar in it…really?  ugh!  My homemade salsa does not, so I may have to make some more soon.  And…because I want to be less and less dependent on sugar, I am going to avoid buying dark chocolate at the grocery store next time…way too tempting.  The little sugar in the cottage cheese and greek yogurt is more than enough.

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