Day 30

Day 5 no sugar complete!  🙂  It was tough for awhile.  Thankfully the natural sweetness of bananas filled me up today.

AM workout: P90X core synergistics.

Calories: around 1900

Water: AWESOME!  Thanks to my workouts!  🙂

PM workout: squat and lunge routine…blah!

2 responses

  1. Thanks for the encouragement!…although be assured I don’t burn 1900 calories a day…I eat that much. doh! My daily calorie intake I would like to be around 1500, but as you can see I struggle. My daily workout calorie burn is probably between 500 and 600. Some of that is weight lifting, though, so that is supposed to continue the calorie burn. And…since I am a mom I hope my daily non-workout burn is 1200 calories at the absolute rock bottom…some sites tell me as low as that, some say as high as 1800, so who knows? Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

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