Weekly Update

As promised, I am here to report in…as suspected I am not quite back to where I started, which is frustrating, but of course, a result of my own choices.  The bad news is that I now have even more to lose, blah!  The good news is, my body fat percentage is basically the same, and I must have traded some flub for muscle because my clothes are actually fitting better.  I will take that.  🙂

I have been better about eating as a whole, but had a couple emotional eating binges.  Oh well, life happens.  And, really, I am much happier and energetic when I eat more.  😉

Will report again next week, hopefully with some changes in the right direction…

2 responses

  1. You are sweet…thanks! I feel silly sometimes dwelling over something so small in the a world of so many serious things. BUT, it is true that even simple things cannot be done without the help of God.

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