Weekly Update

Another boring weekly update…

Stats pretty much the same as last week.

I am not friends with my scale anymore.  However, I know that since I am eating less (a little) and eating better (most of the time) that the numbers on the scale reflect more muscle.  I am the same size. same weight, a little less body fat.  I really wish you could lost weight just in one area, because my caboose is the collecting zone for all my fat.  blah!

I have been experimenting with sugar and may have found that sugar doesn’t like me too much.  When I go without and then have some (like the sampling of my mom’s birthday desserts…ugh!)…my body is not happy.  I may have to be more diligent about avoiding foods with refined sugar.

I also have discovered Brittany Tacy’s workout and diet plan which I have been trying to stick to this week.  I cannot lift as much weight as she can, but I did amp my weights up slightly.  I like that she is toned but doesn’t look manly.  I know that my troubles are more food oriented than workout oriented.  I just need discipline!  😉

As always, here’s hoping for some downward scale progress by this time next week.



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