Weekly Update

Let me first say that I find it ironic that I like my body better now than I did when I weighed quite a bit less.  Strange, but I suppose I like seeing the little bit of muscle I have now that was not around before.  I do admit to  still getting bummed when certain clothes don’t fit the same anymore, though.

Also, Brittany Tacy, the  one whose plan I am “trying” to follow has somehow achieved strength and slimness…that is my goal…to be strong without being bulky.  I am loving that she and other body builders post their workouts for free.  I enjoy quite a few workouts that I spend money on or have borrowed, but I honestly get my best workout from her and it is free…free!  Love it.  🙂

Alright, on to the update:

No big changes…frustrated a bit, but I did have some sugar binges so I should be happy that I didn’t go up.


Body fat percentage: 15% – 23% pending on method.  However, here is where I see results…more are closer to 15% than 23%

BMI: 20.3 – 20.8 pending on scale

Tape measurements: same as last measure

More: gradually adding more weight to my workouts


Body fat percentage: all near 15 % or less

BMI: 19.1-19.5

Tape measurements: wouldn’t mind a smaller hip measurement.


Back again next week.  🙂



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