Weekly Update

Frustrated a bit, but it is ALL my fault, so no one to blame but me.

No progress to speak of.  If I followed my plan I would have progress each week.  I truly wish I wasn’t an emotional eater…but, alas.

Between Halloween candy, baking for a slew of friends (with sampling) and the outcome of the election, I suppose I should be glad that I didn’t blow up this week.  Election night was bad…I put a disgusting amount of food in my body.  I am not proud of this.

I had wanted to reach my goal before now, because now I face the holidays.  And starting next week…there is some event or party each week until the new year.  This does not bode well for losing weight.  I am hoping I can convince myself to be good all week to be able to splurge a little on these events.  I will certainly keep you posted…

Be back next week!


5 responses

  1. Wishing you the best of luck with all the constant temptations coming your way; deep breathing , and inner talk, is usually very clutch for me when I’m trying to avoid certain foods:)

  2. I can relate! a little trick I have learned during the holidays……each a small healthy meal just before the event and you won’t be that hungry when you get there…..and NEVER go to an event hungry!!!!

    • Planting Potatoes…your advice is awesome, but I have tried that before and just eat more. My problem is I don’t eat because of necessity, but because it tastes so good. Ahhh…anyway, those of you who have willpower are awesome!

      Wartica….thanks for the encouragement! I will get there…and I will keep posting until I do… 🙂

  3. I had to kind-of laugh with this post. My husband and I decided to go out to eat on Halloween while our son was at youth group. So I’ve been eating Tootsie Rolls in the last few days like there’s no tomorrow! I think the rest of the candy will be going to my Good News Club kids! -Lori 🙂

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