weekly update

Frustrated!  So SO so SO frustrated!

So…my calories have been on target.  My workouts have been on target.  My off days have been less off and fewer than normal.  I have lost body fat, BUT have gained weight!  Personal trainers out there…help!  I have been hungry and tired this week especially and my weight it up.

A couple things I am wondering…have I reached the hard to penetrate through plateau? …did my body get so used to my old lifting routine that my muscles drifted away a bit and now that I am on new workout programs they are bulking up and adding weight?  …previously I had backed off a bit on squats and leg press because they made my legs a bit bulkier, but they were toned…could my new leg routine be doing that?

I don’t know, but I am frustrated.  I say that knowing that my BMI is 20.2, and that is SO not bad.  I say that knowing that in the grand scheme of life, this is NO big deal.  I say that knowing that I am blessed to be able to eat and workout.  But I say that knowing I now have even more serious work to do to reach my goal.

So BMI is 20.2

BF% ranges but averages 17%  My lowest reading is 13.9%  Like that one!

Got my waist (natural bend) back to 23 inches…like that too!

My waist at BB…24.5 inches

My stomach below belly button…27 inches

Rest of my measurements remain pretty much the same.

Be back in a week, hopefully not as hungry or tired and hopefully less weight than more.  😛

4 responses

  1. Something to remember is that loosing fat % and gaining wait means gain weight because you’re making MUSCLE!!!!! Muscle is one of the most important thing.

    By the way, I’d kill for your stomach measurements. I’m no where near as healthy.

    With things being wonky, you may need to jump start your metabolism again after dieting and exercising for extended periods of time.

    IE One day, you want to eat more and carb up the next day do your normal food target and exercise, your next rest day, carb up again, the day after that exercise with your normal program.

    You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but this girl was once a trainer and coach.

    Have a blessed week and do not be discouraged!

    Kitty G

    • Hey thanks for the encouragement! I am a workout junkie (minor league) but would love to know what you used to coach. And were you a personal trainer? I have looked into becoming a trainer, but haven’t made that decision yet.

      • I was many moons ago. It’s been ten years and I am so out of shape right now it’s not funny.

        My husband and I are about to embark on “Insanity” and I’m trying to get us back into healthier living. We work for a video game company so I’ve gone from healthy and fit to a sedentary blob. ><

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