weekly update (late) and stuff

I feel slightly guilty or vain ( not sure of the wording) dedicating so much thought to the weekly updates.  Please know I KNOW there are far more important things in the world…pretty much anything.  BUT…being healthy is a good thing and so I will continue to post the updates.

I am still avoiding the scale because my clothes are still tight.  blah!

However, I have gone to 1 dr, gotten my first round of bloodwork underway and have appts for the next dr and bloodwork lined up, so hopefully answers will come soon.  I also know for 100% certainty some food which cause me to swell up, have allergic reactions or both.

Now that those things are under way a bit, the testing and feeling sick stage is over, though I am heavier, I have a better plan.  And part of that plan is to get back on track with normal and healthy eating, consistent eating, consistent workouts.

As of tomorrow I am putting myself on Cassey Ho’s 90 day meal plan.  I will only stay on it as long as I need to get to my goal.  I am also going to do 3 of her mini workouts a day along with elliptical and weight training.  This is not as time consuming as one may think.  Just requires early rising.  Most importantly I am making my goal of devotion/Bible/quiet time to happen before I exercise…start the day right.

I have made a couple modifications to her meals to avoid foods I know I react to.  I will be staying in the 1200-1300 calorie range.  I will be eating primarily veggies and protein with some fruits mixed in.  One day a week I will allow myself a cheat item (not an entire meal).  I really want to get my body back AND get my healthy eating habits back.

Otherwise things here are going well.  We had a few years of people around us falling apart and the past few weeks we have gotten some great news and prayer answers!  🙂

We are beginning to read the Narnia Chronicles to our kids…a little every night starting with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, of course.  We are all enjoying it.

No complaints, but summer is soon, so gotta get in shape!  🙂

3 responses

  1. It’s good to hear that you’ve been able to identify some of the foods that are issues for you.

    I still refuse to give up bread, but I try to only eat my own homemade bread. I’m really hoping the switch to fresh milled flour will have the “cleansing” properties that the Bread Becker’s talked about!

    My own exercise has gone by the wayside, but my foot is healed & I’m almost over this awful cold. And summer is coming!!

    So glad you’ve had good news and answered prayers regarding your friends. It is so wonderful to watch God pick up the pieces and repair people’s lives. Why go to the king’s horses and the king’s men, when you can go to The King?


  2. God’s faithfulness abounds in things we deem great as well as small! 🙂

    It is looking like I may actually be allergic to some fruits and veggies and wheat…for a generally healthy person (who can really junk out at times) I will miss my fruits and veggies if it comes down to that. I am so swollen right now after a very itchy night….it is amazing how my body just seems to get a layer of swell from head to toe. Oh well…this certainly goes in the small category…just annoying.

    I hope your homemade bread works out better for you!

    • I would make sure it really is the fruits and veggies and not the pesticides they are treated with. Of course, if you were testing your theory with organic fruits and veggies that would be sad indeed. Wow, I feel terrible for you. Who would have thought it was “healthy” food making you sick?

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