weekly update

The human body amazes me.  So much progress made last week (likely all water weight) and seemingly all because I had no allergic reactions.  I had reactions more days than not this week and almost all of the weight is back on.  People can say what they want about water weight, but when it doesn’t belong there, you want it gone.  It is real weight, it does effect the tightness of clothes and make a stomach unrecognizable.

The dr. is pretty sure that it is yellow dye and carmel coloring and I am pretty sure I agree.  The only unexplained phenomenon right now is apples.  Because I did not test positive to them with the scratch test.  However, so many storebought items that make me sick contain yellow dye.  I have to be better about reading labels.  I did not even expect it to be in italian dressing or vanilla frosting.  Just another reason to make my own food at home.  😉

So I am discouraged again this week after such a success last week.  I still have 10-14 pounds to go to reach my goal.  My workouts are great…have a few intense ones that I love… and if I tape my foot most of the day I can do a lot with it.  There are swelling days and normal days, but in general all is well.  I guess I can say the same about food at this point.  Swelling days and non-swelling days.

I think after the extreme weight losses and gains and swellings my body has been through I can rationalize the point I am at now.  But, no more excuses.  I have a game plan that is healthy, slow and steady, and yellow dye free.  I am hoping the results come now and stay.

Be back next week!

2 responses

  1. So glad you were able to identify what the problem is! Food dyes really shouldn’t be there. I noticed a similar swelling (and achy arthritis type pain) after I indulged in a bag of dried fruit. Oh, I crave that stuff sometimes!! And I also see signs of water retention & other problems if I eat store bought anything! Your definitely not alone in the struggle. The flip side is learning to make EVERYTHING from scratch. I enjoy doing that – not everyone does. Kristen and I have found a couple of good frosting recipes if you need them – just let me know!!

  2. I think it took so long to discover because I do make so much from scratch. So…it didn’t connect why my baked goods, snacks, etc didn’t make me sick but storebought did…at first. The only thing that doesn’t fit is apples, but everything else does. I also really like making things from scratch…it is fun! Tempting…but fun! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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