Sugar and Slides

Sundays are our family days.  No matter how busy we are during the week, we set aside Sundays to do things fun as a family that do not require work or school as part of the day.  🙂  Today we went to a park fairly near our house.  It was our first visit there and it was pretty awesome.  They built a slide into a hillside, resembling a small water slide, but without the water.  You are supposed to bring a piece of cardboard and you sit on it to go down the slide.  There is also a playground there.  The kids had a blast!  And I loved that something so simple was entertaining to them.  Free outdoor fun is always a good thing!  The only snag, which irked Mommy and Daddy more than the kids, was when a grandpa didn’t want to share the box that we brought.  Long silly story that I do not want to go into, but it was interesting that all the kids could share with each other and the grandpa was unaware of how that process worked.  Alas, another life lesson for the kids.  That was about 30 seconds of the whole time we were there, so it was a successful, happy and fun day!

Something interesting that I have been doing….I did a 10 day no sugar experiment.  I could eat natural sugar…meaning fruit, but nothing processed.  I gave myself a 10 day limit so I could see the end of the tunnel and therefore have more success.  Today is day 11, so I am pigging out a bit, but I am going back into another 10 day no sugar beginning tomorrow.  Being without sugar made my body much healthier. I could feel it.   I have had quite of bit of sugar today (in different forms)  and my body noticed right away.  But I do not want my body to forget how to process any of those foods quite yet.  Interestingly, I had a diet soda and it tasted horrible!  Which actually made me happy…because I know diet ingredients are really awful for your body.  And if I lose my temptation for them, all the better.  Baked goods however did not taste terrible, however if I get in a habit of only eating them every so often, I am not too concerned.  I did lose a little bit of weight…I will gain a fraction of that back today.  For me, the best part of no sugar is how quickly my belly slimmed.  My belly is not my biggest problem area, but wow! any slight improvement is ok with me.  I am sure after today there will be a little bulge, but it will also go away.  🙂

And that is the light weekend update!

5 responses

  1. Isn’t it amazing when older people who were raised in a much more respectful era don’t seem to get it? Good opportunity to teach the kids about kindness and sharing.

    I’ve noticed the same thing with sugar! I’ve been really bad in the last couple of weeks about eating things with refined sugar and I notice it! I’m back to nothing that I didn’t make myself so that I know what kind of sugar is in it. Unfortunately, the belly IS one of my problem areas – and you post those amazing cakes on your blog!!!!!!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a fun time at the park. It’s funny how older people can sometimes act just like children too! I’m glad you guys still had a good time.

    I love your no sugar challenge! I agree about the diet soda too. When I haven’t had it for a while, it tastes terrible! I still end up having it occasionally anyway. I also notice a big difference in my belly when I go off of sugar. It’s weird how quickly the love handle disappears. I wish you the best of luck on the next 10 day challenge!

    • No sugar is so good for you! I just like to bake so much…I did not eat those cakes though. 😉 If I can keep the no sugar thing up even every 10 days and have a bit on day 11, I would be happy with that. Having my goal jeans fit now (yay!) and even be a little loose (double yay!) is a big motivator! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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