day 5 and 6

Day 5 was my day off.  🙂

Day 6, today, I did well.  Calories were right on and I got in an hour of cardio!

My body is starting to get back to normal now that the dye has been working its way out of my system.

How’s everyone else doing?


2 responses

  1. If the truth is told (and it should be) I’m struggling to get enough protein each day as well as my healthy fats. When I get enough protein I don’t want to eat as much. J stocked up on Chex Mix for our trip to the Quarter Horse Congress & it calls my name when I’m feeling munchy.

    I saw the chiropractor about my leg and he’s starting adjusting my pelvic bone back into place so hopefully the treadmill and I can become friends again over the holidays!!

    • Glad to hear there is hopeful progress for your leg!!! 🙂 Great news!

      Nuts and eggs are the best way to combine protein with healthy fats. I have to be careful with nuts, though, because they are high calorie and I could eat them by the handful. 😉

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