Research and Vote

I have a plea for the American people…Don’t just vote…research and vote!  Find out what kind of world you want your children, spouses, siblings, grandchildren to live in.   Find out what kind of world you want to live in.  Then find the candidate that represents your values.  Also, please find out what is in the constitution…for real…not what is implied or completely false.  I am hopeful that you know that separation of church and state is not anywhere in the constitution…but I know many are unaware of that.

Last election many voted for a candidate believing that they voted for someone who held their values, but in reality did not.  They liked how a certain person sounded or they heard what they wanted to hear, but at the end of the day, did not agree with the candidate.  I am not solely addressing the presidential candidates, but every person on your ballot.  Yes, it will take time.  Yes, it may get confusing separating truth and lies.  YES, it is worth it to vote for the RIGHT person for the job.  Each job is important.  Many laws are passed that we do not get to vote on…big things…but the people we elect choose whether or not they pass.  This means we need to vote carefully for every office.

Last election many Christians did not vote…PLEASE VOTE and PLEASE VOTE VALUES!  Remember what our country was founded on, remember how people lived, think of what you want the future to be.

This is a big election…make your vote count!