Weekly Update

No changes to speak of this week in body fat percentage or weight…which is huge, because I have been baking (and sampling) all week for friends and to not do any damage is a good thing!  Here is hoping to go down in numbers next week, BUT I did lose an inch in my waist.  Soooo…if I suck in I can get my waist to be 24 inches.  🙂  This was happy news!

The picture on the refrigerator has stirred up a lot of conversation.  I was planning on just putting it up when no one was going to be here, but it would be a pain to take down and up, so Brittany Tacy is still on the fridge trying to curb my food temptations.  I did however put a moose head magnet on top of her head so that my hubby doesn’t have some fridge chick to stare at.  😉  He’s a good guy, he wouldn’t anyway, but no use putting it right in his face.  Anyway, my mom is super sweet and told me I was thinner than her, which I am not, but it was still sweet of her to say.  And then my friend commented on her legs (after laughing about the moose head), but then when I showed up at a Halloween party as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), that same friend was like…”wow!  Look at your legs…you are the girl on the fridge!”  While I know I am not there yet, both comments were encouraging.  It makes me feel like my hard work is paying off (not like I am working for the next medical breakthrough)…staying healthy is good.

Which brings me to…I am finally accepting that if I want to be strong the way I want to be strong, I am not going to be the skinniest girl on the block.  I still see the ultra thin girls and think about being that size, but then I realize that my husband likes me just how I am and there is not one other person that needs to like how I look other than him.  Plus, as beautiful as those super skinny girls are, and as strong as they may be, I like being able to lift and be toned the way I am trying to be.  So…I haven’t fully accepted it yet…but I am getting there.    Like I have always said in the past, as long as my husband likes me I am good.  AND more important than that, I need to focus on my insides more than my outsides…my heart, soul and spirit.  Having God use me trumps anything and everything else in my life.

One last thing, I have been free of diet drinks and gum for a few weeks now.  I don’t miss them too much.  Funny how last year at this time when I was thinner but continuously dieting and eating lots of artificial foods that my bloodwork was pretty poor.  This year, even though I have gained a few pounds, by eating real food and working out a little bit harder, my cholesterol and blood sugar are way healthy!  So I am definitely an advocate for not being underweight and not living on artificial food.  🙂