day 23 and 24

So we just returned home from a 10 day beach trip.  That is why my daily health posts had been a little spotty.  It is also why my eating was kind of poor…when you have played hard all day on the beach and come back to rest in the cool condo snacks are sooooo tempting.

Anyway, I ran and walked 4 miles yesterday before we headed home.  The first time I had run outside in quite awhile.  It is such a blessing to be able to run on the beach at sunrise!  Wow!  So many thanks to God.  I was once again reminded that outside running is quite different from treadmill and elliptical.  I am so out endurance cardio shape.  I will have to work on that.  And alas, my knee is not doing well after the outdoor run…a bit discouraging.

Anyway, today is weigh in day.  My goal was to be at a BMI of 20.3.  I am 20.5.  This is only a pound difference, but is no change from where I was a week and a half ago.  I have conflicting thoughts.  One is that after all that time vacationing, I am glad to not have gained weight.  On the other hand, I was hoping to lose…of course, my own choices dictated my not losing.  Full blame on me.

All through my “full grown” life I have been this weight…in high school, college, early marriage,etc.  Barring the times I was pregnant and the 2 years when I was 20 pounds less.  So part of me is ok with being here, and the other part of me wants to lose a little, just a little, weight.  I do know my weight is more muscle now, though, because my size is lower than it used to be.

Anyway, I could come on here and lie and tell you that my BMI is really 20.3, but it isn’t.  Hopefully, I will be able to eventually reach my goals and be able to say, “hey, you can also get to your goal…and even if you fail along the way, don’t give up.”

My workout plan today is to do P90X Kenpo and a leg weightlifting routine.

My calorie goal is to stay below 1700 and my water goal is to be around 40 oz, hopefully more.

I will report if anything changes…otherwise will be back tomorrow.  🙂