Its about time

Since it has been around a year since I have been on here, I thought it was well past time to get back in the game. ¬†ūüôā

What a way to start than with this:

The word you are looking for is…”ahhh…maaaaa…zing!”

This awesome creation by McCormick and Schmick’s graced my plate yesterday in all its splendor. ¬†It is huge! ¬†At least to me. ¬†The size of the picture doesn’t do it justice. ¬†It is truly a delicious piece of art filled with mousse and the raspberry sauce on the bottom is delicious! ¬†I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

We then made our way to see Allegiant…which sadly I would not recommend to anyone and everyone. ¬†My husband enjoyed it, but has not read the book. ¬†Very futuristic…almost to the sci-fy realm. ¬†I, being a HARD CORE Divergent fan, am not enjoying all the artistic liberties being put into the films. ¬†This last one is completely different than the book, changed, not just missing parts. ¬†However, it is entertaining.

That’s it for now! ¬†Figured I would start with a nice light, yummy post before delving into politics and such on my first blog back in action.



I read Unbroken awhile back…I am sure if you look in my Books section you can find the precise date when I completed and blogged about it. ¬†It was a tough read, a good read, an amazing TRUE story about an amazing man who was given an immense amount of grace and strength from God through the worst of circumstances.

I went to see the movie…a week ago…and it would be unfair of me to say it was a poor movie, because in fact it was not. ¬†Almost every book is better than the movie…I know that…I go into movies knowing that. ¬†This movie was made well, the actors did a great job! ¬†And they put themselves through a lot to look the part of the 65 pound survivors. ¬†If I had not read the book I would probably have thought¬†the movie was a complete and accurate telling of Louis’ life.

However…when the movie ended I was stunned. ¬†I felt as if it ended 2/3 of the way through the book. ¬†I do wish they had included the last third of the book. ¬†A lot of details were left out. ¬†I promptly got on the computer after coming home and found several documentaries on Louis Zamperini that included these details and then some. ¬†I would encourage everyone to read the book and then watch the movie and documentaries as a set.

Louis Zamperini was an amazing man who left an amazing legacy.

Better Me

I have not been hard on myself lately in terms of diet and exercise. ¬†There are perks to this…more sleep, more time, less stress, etc. ¬†There are also downfalls…slight weight gain (though not too bad), less routine, less commitment, worse shape. ¬†Most noted though is that since I used to wake up at dawn to work out, that was also when I would do my quiet time, devos, etc. ¬†Those have been shortened lately, and while I continue to focus upward and spend time in the Word, I am not doing nearly what I could be…or should be. ¬†Not entirely¬†directly related…I feel guilty when I pig out…not just because I feel gross, but I feel like a glutton. ¬†I do believe¬†that it is sinful to overeat and/or not take care of your body (your temple) in the manner in which we are called.

Hence, I am coming back to my blog to keep me accountable in improving my time with my Savior, who deserves every millisecond of my life, as well as improving my diet/exercise (which as I said, is not terrible, but could use a little kick). ¬†I am going to keep it simple. ¬†I find it amusing that there are so many diets and eating plans that claim to be different, but truly are the same…or awfully similar. ¬†Diet = a way of eating. ¬†Diet does not = starving yourself. ¬†Most diets ask for 80% or more effort. ¬†Most diets encourage protein and veggies to fill up your plate. ¬†The biggest difference in many diets are the issues or grains and dairy, but if you are following whichever diet you choose at 80%, then putting 20% of dairy or grains in your day or week is not big deal. ¬†I digress…I did say I would keep it simple.

Each day I will come on and put up a verse, a scripture, a question or a brief commentary of something I have read in the Bible or from a devotional book or a study book. ¬†Each day I will eat no more than 1500 calories…aiming for heavy proteins, veggies, water and green tea. ¬†Each day I will do a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise. ¬†Sundays will be my day off of workouts and calorie counting. ¬†Anyone who would like to come along on this journey with me, just reply to my daily posts and we can get better together! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I am convicted to be better for Jesus (not that anything good is of me, it is all of Him) but I want to commit to being better for Him, for my family and for me.

Why Tris Would Have Victory Over Katniss

For all the viewers/readers of Hunger Games and Divergent…here is why Tris would crush Katniss. ¬†Now if you only watched the movies, I would have to say that Katniss may come across as tougher than Tris, but here is why that is not the case.

Point 1: Katniss was willing to die for her sister, Tris was willing to die for her boyfriend.  Tie.

Point 2: Tris was trained for quite some time for combat, while Katniss was minorly prepped.  +1 Tris

Point 3: Katniss needed Peeta to survive her nightmares.  Tris can handle sleeping through the night.  +1 Tris

Point 4: Katniss strings along 2 guys.  Tris is able to set her sights on who she loves and keep him.  +1 Tris

Point 5: Tris ran into dangerous situations many times to save others and even took on her own boyfriend.  +1 Tris

Point 6: Katniss was put into dangerous situatons, but was mostly concerned with saving her own skin than the rest of the world.  Actually as I type this, I am guessing Tris probably would have stayed with Gale rather than Peeta, which is another plus for Tris, so I give this +2 for Tris.

I hope my ultra serious synopsis brought a smile to your face. ¬†ūüôā

Tidbits from daily life

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since school has started, but here are a few things that have been happening:

* My husband and I are in a bible study with some of our friends, Sacred Marriage, and it is so refreshing to be in a room filled with people who are married and want to be married. ¬†ūüôā

* Without babysitting 2 little ones, and now being in a routine with school, I have a lot more time to just be with the kids uninterrupted.

* In the craziness of work, higher education, school and kid schedules, date nights are wonderful! ūüôā

* I began reading “Undaunted, The Josh McDowell Story” and while it is a difficult read so far, I have high hopes of it being a great book!

* I am looking forward to going to see “Unbroken” after Christmas. ¬†If you have not read it yet…read it!!!!

* Minnie Driver may be the best actress ever…I am watching “Return to Zero” as I type and it is incredibly well made. ¬†For those of you who don’t know about the movie, it is about a couple whose baby was stillborn. ¬†It is based on a true story. ¬†I haven’t seen this issue portrayed since ER did an episode on it. ¬†They depicted it very well, also. ¬†Amazingly, in the ER episode “Midnight” the situation was almost identical to mine…even down to the baby’s name.

* My kids ran their first mud race and it was awesome!!!!

That’s all the updates for now!

Enjoy the weekend!

The Book Thief and Divergent

I would recommend anyone seeing the movie The Book Thief. ¬†However, I would recommend the book more, which I am sure I did when I wrote about this amazing piece of literature. ¬†The movie, while very good, may be difficult to follow if you hadn’t read the book. ¬†The characters did a great job, though, and I feel the story still came to life. ¬†The little¬†boy in the movie completely reminded my husband and me of our little toe-head…not just in his appearance, but in his behaviors. ¬†It was sweet to be reminded of him, except for his fate, of course. ¬†Bottom line, go see the movie it is good, but read the book, it is better!

I have been waiting for over a year to see my movie Divergent! ¬†Divergent and its sequel are a couple of my favorite fiction books and the movie did not disappoint! ¬†I would recommend the book and the movie to anyone! ¬†SO GOOD! ¬†I would easily pay to see it again. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Yes I am the same person who criticized the Son of God movie, and no, this movie does not give a message of salvation, BUT it does not claim to either. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Good movie, good book, highly recommended!

The Game of Thrones

After reading 2.5 books of the Game of Thrones series and realizing that I had read a bigillion pages and there are now going to be at least 7 books, I decided to stop reading them. ¬†It wasn’t the length that made me stop or the plot. ¬†The reason I kept reading was because I wanted to know what happened at the end. ¬†I wanted to know who lived, who died, who got married, who won the war, who was going to reign as king. ¬†What stopped me from reading one more page is that I can’t take the explicit detail of the characters’ personal lives. ¬†I can take the blood and guts, but the personal stuff…it is just not worth dodging it to find out what happens at the end of the books. ¬†SO, if anyone wants to share any details with me, please feel free to do so as my curiosity still begs to know how the whole series concludes. ¬†The real kicker is that these books make me uncomfortable and they are considered juvenile fiction. ¬†There is not one juvenile who should be allowed to come within 10 feet of these books in my opinion. ¬†I may be old fashioned, but I do not understand why a talented author with a great plot has to add unnecessary details to an already exceedingly long series of books. ¬†George R.R. Martin is talented and has a good plot, but he also has a very vivid imagination that I do not need to be a part of. ¬†Oh well, onto the next book…

The Kite Runner and Catching Fire

I finished The Kite Runner. ¬†It took me about a third of the book to “get into it” but then I was hooked. ¬†It was done well. ¬†Khaled Hosseini¬†is a talented author. ¬†It is eye opening. ¬†That is the best way for me to describe it. ¬† My heart breaks for the suffering of people all over the world. ¬†I am not one to pretend that the world is always happy and no one faces pain. ¬†On the contrary, I know that there is more than enough suffering and pain to go around. ¬†But sometimes thinking like that is just as bad as pretending there is none, because we get immune to it. ¬†I like reading books that put it in my face a little bit. ¬†It makes me better aware. ¬†And hopefully the more aware we are, the more help we will be able to provide. ¬†Even if our help is “only to pray,” prayer is an enormous thing we can do, because God can reach across the world.

I also saw Catching Fire¬†this weekend. ¬†I give a lot of credit to everyone that is part of the Hunger Games movies. ¬†I think the movies are an excellent representation of the books in details, characters and settings. ¬†I enjoy the Hunger Games series. ¬†I am not as big of a fan of the second and third books as I am of the first, but I still enjoy them. ¬†The movie was the same for me. ¬†As good as it was, not quite as wonderful as the first. ¬†It is a tough thing to do. ¬†I still think they all did a great job! ¬†And, I loved that Divergent was previewed…cannot wait to see that, too. ¬†ūüôā

The Book Thief

This book has definitely made it to the top 5 of my list.  Sooooo good.  Markus Zusak may be the most talented author I have ever read.  His writing is beautiful and smart.  Though the topic of his book is not uncommon and is certainly not cheerful, he was able to be creative, add humor and make it his own.  It is a truly unique story.  The language was not great, but I understand that it was probably part of the lives he was describing.  And I am able to skip over it if necessary.  As a whole though, loved the book and would like to read more from markus Zusak.