Weekly Update

No changes to speak of this week in body fat percentage or weight…which is huge, because I have been baking (and sampling) all week for friends and to not do any damage is a good thing!  Here is hoping to go down in numbers next week, BUT I did lose an inch in my waist.  Soooo…if I suck in I can get my waist to be 24 inches.  🙂  This was happy news!

The picture on the refrigerator has stirred up a lot of conversation.  I was planning on just putting it up when no one was going to be here, but it would be a pain to take down and up, so Brittany Tacy is still on the fridge trying to curb my food temptations.  I did however put a moose head magnet on top of her head so that my hubby doesn’t have some fridge chick to stare at.  😉  He’s a good guy, he wouldn’t anyway, but no use putting it right in his face.  Anyway, my mom is super sweet and told me I was thinner than her, which I am not, but it was still sweet of her to say.  And then my friend commented on her legs (after laughing about the moose head), but then when I showed up at a Halloween party as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), that same friend was like…”wow!  Look at your legs…you are the girl on the fridge!”  While I know I am not there yet, both comments were encouraging.  It makes me feel like my hard work is paying off (not like I am working for the next medical breakthrough)…staying healthy is good.

Which brings me to…I am finally accepting that if I want to be strong the way I want to be strong, I am not going to be the skinniest girl on the block.  I still see the ultra thin girls and think about being that size, but then I realize that my husband likes me just how I am and there is not one other person that needs to like how I look other than him.  Plus, as beautiful as those super skinny girls are, and as strong as they may be, I like being able to lift and be toned the way I am trying to be.  So…I haven’t fully accepted it yet…but I am getting there.    Like I have always said in the past, as long as my husband likes me I am good.  AND more important than that, I need to focus on my insides more than my outsides…my heart, soul and spirit.  Having God use me trumps anything and everything else in my life.

One last thing, I have been free of diet drinks and gum for a few weeks now.  I don’t miss them too much.  Funny how last year at this time when I was thinner but continuously dieting and eating lots of artificial foods that my bloodwork was pretty poor.  This year, even though I have gained a few pounds, by eating real food and working out a little bit harder, my cholesterol and blood sugar are way healthy!  So I am definitely an advocate for not being underweight and not living on artificial food.  🙂


Weekly Update

Another slow week…my body fat percentage did go down ever so slightly, weight stayed the same.  No diet drinks this week at all. 🙂  No egg beaters either and I think only 2 pieces of gum this week instead of 2-3 daily.  I am happy with those cutbacks…it is noticeable in the abs.

On a happy me note…I put up a picture of Brittany Tacy on my fridge (no, I do not idolize her or worship her, but I am following her plan to get results and thought it would be good motivation).  Anyway, gotta love the innocence of children.  My little girl asked, “Mommy is that you?”  Good mommy moment.  Then I asked her if it looked like me and she said, “No, her hair is a different color.”  Made me chuckle.

Weekly Update

Let me first say that I find it ironic that I like my body better now than I did when I weighed quite a bit less.  Strange, but I suppose I like seeing the little bit of muscle I have now that was not around before.  I do admit to  still getting bummed when certain clothes don’t fit the same anymore, though.

Also, Brittany Tacy, the  one whose plan I am “trying” to follow has somehow achieved strength and slimness…that is my goal…to be strong without being bulky.  I am loving that she and other body builders post their workouts for free.  I enjoy quite a few workouts that I spend money on or have borrowed, but I honestly get my best workout from her and it is free…free!  Love it.  🙂

Alright, on to the update:

No big changes…frustrated a bit, but I did have some sugar binges so I should be happy that I didn’t go up.


Body fat percentage: 15% – 23% pending on method.  However, here is where I see results…more are closer to 15% than 23%

BMI: 20.3 – 20.8 pending on scale

Tape measurements: same as last measure

More: gradually adding more weight to my workouts


Body fat percentage: all near 15 % or less

BMI: 19.1-19.5

Tape measurements: wouldn’t mind a smaller hip measurement.


Back again next week.  🙂



Weekly Update

Slight progress has been made…

Pretty much all summer I have been stagnant.  I finally lost a few ounces…ha!  My body fat percentage is still between 15 and 24%, which I am happy with…especially the ones closer to 15.  🙂

My BMI is now between 20.5 and 20.8 pending on the scale.  This is less by a tiny margin of what it was throughout the summer, but it is only back to what I started at when I began this new healthy journey.  However, this is the first week I think I really took it seriously for the whole week (usually I have a few obnoxious cheat-eating days).  This week…no obnoxious eating.  I didn’t follow Brittany Tacy to a T, but I did pretty well.

I watched my diet, upped my weights a good deal, was hungry and tired.  But I made progress.  Small progress is still progress.  And even better than that, I lost an inch off my waist and 1/2 inch off my hips.

My hope is that I continue to be healthy…and that next week I will have even better progress.


Weekly Update

Another boring weekly update…

Stats pretty much the same as last week.

I am not friends with my scale anymore.  However, I know that since I am eating less (a little) and eating better (most of the time) that the numbers on the scale reflect more muscle.  I am the same size. same weight, a little less body fat.  I really wish you could lost weight just in one area, because my caboose is the collecting zone for all my fat.  blah!

I have been experimenting with sugar and may have found that sugar doesn’t like me too much.  When I go without and then have some (like the sampling of my mom’s birthday desserts…ugh!)…my body is not happy.  I may have to be more diligent about avoiding foods with refined sugar.

I also have discovered Brittany Tacy’s workout and diet plan which I have been trying to stick to this week.  I cannot lift as much weight as she can, but I did amp my weights up slightly.  I like that she is toned but doesn’t look manly.  I know that my troubles are more food oriented than workout oriented.  I just need discipline!  😉

As always, here’s hoping for some downward scale progress by this time next week.