Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my little man!

It is birthday time around our house…my son will soon be one year older.  The time flies!  I know that is cliche, but it is cliche for a reason.  The time flies!

We did not have him for his first birthday and it broke my heart.  I moved as fast as humanly possible getting his paperwork done.  The adoption agency even told me they never had anyone get things done as fast.  I could not wait to hold him in my arms.  We had already lost our first son, we also had become attached to pictures and videos of another little guy we were supposed to adopt, which didn’t work out.    We were feeling pretty heartbroken and vulnerable, but still wanted to adopt, knowing that this little boy we would love for him, his unique persona, not as a “replacement” for anyone.  No child replaces another, each are loved fully and deeply.

So…loving him so fully and deeply before we even met him, I wanted to bring him home sooner rather than later.  We were told we would have him by the time he was 6 months old at the latest…he came to us just shy of 16 months.  I won’t go into the roller coaster of emotions and trials we went through, but we fought hard to get him home.

His first night he hugged us all.  The next morning he happily greeted us in bed.  He was full of joy and still is.  He has a great big heart, lots of love and of course, some older brother ornery-ness as well.

It is amazing how the time to adopt him took so long and the time he has been with us has gone so fast!  I want him to have the best birthday!  He is my awesome birthday boy!