Boston Cream Pie

If you like Boston Cream donuts or traditional Boston Cream Pie, try this recipe out…

I love it!  It is messy and not traditional, but fun and yummy.  🙂

It is from the restaurant Bread and Chocolate.




Find the recipe at one of these website:

ocean cake

Many moons ago my son turned one and this was the cake I made him…

Teddy Graham swimmers, jello water, graham cracker sand and a twinkie boat.

Do you think I made it more for him or me?  Oh well!  I know he liked it…I also know he would have been just as happy with a chocolate chip cookie.  🙂



You should have seen my kitchen afterwards…but it sure was fun!  🙂

Easter Bunny Flop and other random thoughts

Here we go…just a few random thoughts from this mommy this morning:

“He is Risen!”

What an amazing gift we were given to have Christ die for our sins.  Did you notice that I did not share a verse on Saturday?  Friday was serious and Sunday celebratory…wanted to do some reflection on Saturday.

“Kids looking for Easter eggs are the cutest.”

There is nothing quite like watching little kids bouncing in anticipation over what they may discover.  It was especially amusing after the Easter egg hunt seeing my girl with holes in both knees of her tights and her dress strap torn.

“Easter bunny flop”

I was determined to make this Easter Bunny cake with edible ears.  When the one flopped down, I thought it was pretty cute, but it continued to fall a little too much…oh well…my little guy still thinks I am the ‘best baker ever!’  🙂

“I guess I am officially a runner.”

With running injuries, running 10 miles and not despising it, and actually missing running at times…*sigh*…I suppose I should categorize myself as a runner.

“I think Sarah Palin is awesome!”

I love how she speaks her mind with a smile on her face.

“Whoever thought of trailmix is a genius…and evil!”

I cannot stop eating it!!!!