Weekly Update

Not much to report this week.  Since you have been on this journey with me you have known that this goal is taking a long time.  But it isn’t going the wrong direction, so that is good, right?  The whole build muscle and lose weight thing is hard for me to figure out.

No weight loss again this week….measurements all pretty much the same.

However, even though I have only been doing this no weighing myself everyday and trying to make healthier food choices instead of only calorie counting I feel a lot better.  I am keeping my calories in check, feeling full because of eating the right foods, working out a lot.  My clothes fit well and so I am HOPEFUL that soon my goal will be reached.  But I like this approach better instead of running to the scale  5 times a day and restricting calories so much all week that I gain it all back on my off days.  I am just going to try to be consistently healthy.  The last 2 days though, avoiding diet cola again and processed foods 80% of the time has me feeling so much better!  I hope I can keep this new mindset and approach…it is healthier for mind and body.

My goals remain the same…eat right, lower calories, workout 6 days a week, aiming for 5 pound loss minimum, 7 pound loss maximum.

Will keep you posted!

Weekly Update

Not too much has changed and a lot has changed.

My BMI is between 20.6 and 21 pending on what scale I use.

My body fat percent is between 15 and 24 pending on what method I use (5 out of the 6 methods put me under 17).

Weight is no less than it was in May.  However, my body fat percentage is less.

Both my weight and my body fat percentage are higher than they were a couple years ago…but I was also underweight and had about 2 % body fat…for real.

So changes…

I am accepting that it is good that the clothes I fit into when I was underweight don’t fit anymore … no matter how cute they were.

I am excited that even though the scale is higher than I like, my size is not too different…just trying to enjoy that the scale is showing some good muscle build up.

I thought I would lose weight while training for the half marathon, but I gained weight…I was training for that at the same time as I was doing Jamie Eason’s 12 week body building program…needless to say I was hungry all the time.  After that my body still thought it wanted lots of food even though I wasn’t working as hard.  Since then, I have slowly but surely decreased my eating (I still cheat and overeat at times), and though my weight isn’t different, it is surely healthier weight.  I am also beginning to let go of calorie counting…a little, but I believe it helps me to be healthier overall…not depriving myself of food allows me to not have as many crazy overeating days.  I am starting to decrease my training a bit, too.  I recently read that if you overtrain, you overeat, and the calories certainly don’t balance out in your favor.  I had myself in a crazy cycle of being so hungry from training that I would overeat and then feel the need to train some more…no more.  I want to have muscle and be a little more than just toned, but I don’t want the crazy regimen of continuous exercise.

So, some good changes being made…hopefully soon it will show on the scale, but for now I will be happy with the progress so far.

Change and Consistency

I have been thinking and so haven’t been doing my daily food and exercise report.

All of you following my healthy living/weight loss plan know I have yet to reach any of my goals…goals that were easy for me not too long ago.  Recently though, I (try to eat less) deprive myself of food and then eat too much.  I need to change that and be consistent.  I also am getting bored posting my daily routines and think it probably is boring to the readers.  We will just assume that most days I will do a cardio workout and a lifting workout, that I will do my best to stay at 1500 calories or less, but may go over with healthy foods, that I will do my best to be unnatural-sugar free.

From this point on I will report in just once a week with BMI and body fat percentage stats.  Weigh in days will be Saturdays…since my weight has been going in the opposite direction, my first goal is to get back to my starting point and go from there.  So don’t hold any high expectations for me for my first report.  Hopefully after that I can get my act together a bit more.  AND, I promise to be honest if I slip…I have been honest so far, so no reason to think otherwise.

I also have been making some personal observations lately and finally have accepted them (for the most part).  I have no desire to be underweight again.  For awhile I thought I had to be the thinnest person or as thin as actresses.  Guess what?  Actresses are revered because they are gorgeous and even if I weighed as little as they do (not saying they are all underweight, because many are not), I am still not a tv star…and I am ok with that.  🙂  I think I am not losing weight as quickly this time because I am actually happy with most of my body most of the time…I know I have much room for improvement, but I also know I am much happier and much healthier where I am now compared to where I was a year ago.

Slow and steady wins the race and as I make my mistakes along the way, my ultimate goal is to be healthier and lose a little weight…I have my number that I would like to reach.

Anyway, changing a little on the weight report, but still hope to encourage others and use you all as accountability.  🙂

Day 34

So I failed and ate bread today, which led me to crave more sugar, which led me to an utter failure in my calories intake and being sugar free.  I found out some interesting things though…

1.  I am not throwing in the towel BUT I am not starting my 30 days over either.  Today can go away and tomorrow will once again be day 9.

2.  My weigh in day was supposed to be Monday, but I did it today…before cheating…and…no change.  I was pretty bummed, but actually not too surprised since my clothes haven’t changed in how they fit.  By Day 34 I was hoping to be almost done with this weight loss and I am still at the same weight as when I started.

3.  Eating no added or unnatural sugars and living on lots of fruits, veggies and nuts must have shrunk my stomach a bit, because it was not ready for the sugar gorging that took place.  My stomach also doesn’t feel so well right now, so maybe that will help me to get immediately back on track tomorrow.

4.  My body fat percentage is happily set in the athletic category and has gone down a touch, so despite my weight staying the same, my body fat is going down.

5.  I can not eat just one of anything I have been denying my body…hence the downfall.

That’s all for today…am workout was 4 miles on elliptical and pm workout was weight training.

Day 32

AM workout: weight lifting back routine

Calorie intake: around 1800

Water situation: decent

PM workout:  P90X cardio

Adjustments have been made starting today on my daily diet.  I was having no problem with getting in enough fruit and protein, but was slacking off on the veggies a bit.  And I was replacing some well thought out meals with yogurt.  So goodbye to yogurt until this challenge is done.  I am hoping adding in more calories keeps me full on less calories.

Day 31

AM workout: shoulder lifting routine

Food intake: around 1800 calories..lots of almonds and fruit today.

PM workout: short interval workout with squat jacks, bicycle crunches, crab kicks and ninja tuck jumps (my ninja jumps aren’t very pretty, but I will get there).  Also another interval workout with a mix of short exercises including cardio and strength.

Water intake: quite good.  🙂

day 26

So I am adding a challenge to my weight loss challenge.  It is going to be hard to reach my reward foods if I keep cheating and eating high calories in foods that aren’t my reward foods.  I might as well just eat the reward ones, but I won’t…alas…someday my will power will work again.  😉

Anyway, my downfall is, and always has been, sugar.  I have tried many times to do a paleo or primal diet and fail after a few days.  This time around I am going to avoid refined sugars for 30 days.  Beginning today and taking me to September 9th, my food intake will be almost devoid of refined sugars.  I am making an exception with my cottage cheese and greek yogurt (they aren’t high in sugar content, but have a little)…for me the protein and dairy are important.

My meals will consist primarily of fruits and veggies, nuts, fish, egg whites and chicken.  As with each new venture in being healthy I am excited, but I am nervous that I don’t have what it takes to do it.  I have no intentions of giving sugar up completely in the long run, but know giving it up short term will be healthy and will hopefully (hopefully!) make me more controlled in my sugar intake in the future.  Since it is a 30 day challenge and I am making it public, I have a better chance of success.

Sugar has a bad rep, but tastes so good.  I know it is blamed for myriad of diseases and health issues, so getting it under control would be a big benefit.

Here’s to another attempt at being healthy!  🙂

AM workout: run on elliptical = 500 calories burned

PM workout: will do weight lifting for arms

Calories planned around 1500

I went over yesterday, but if I stick to my sugar free challenge (I mapped out a daily menu plan for that) I should remain between 1400 and 1600 for daily caloric intake.