Cat and Mouse

Just finished Cat and Mouse by James Patterson.

It was slightly more predictable than the last one, but not in a boring way.

More gore…yeah…it was pretty gruesome in parts.

Less politics…yeah…I am still having a hard time determining if James Patterson has an underlying political agenda, but I have decided not to worry about that too much and just read it for readings sake.

Written better than the last one…by far!

I like this book and would recommend this one.  🙂

Jack and Jill

I want to read through the Alex Cross series since I have begun it.  I enjoyed Along Came a Spider, except for the language.  Jack and Jill was not my favorite.  The story line was decent but it took so much time to get to the plot.  I felt like James Patterson had a political agenda in this book, but did not come out and say it specifically, in concerns to offend any reader.  I did not enjoy his writing in this book as much as the others. There were many details, which I normally enjoy, but these ones seemed a bit frivolous.   I am currently reading Cat and Mouse by James Patterson,  and other than the language, I am already liking this book better.  I will definitely continue the series…once you start you can’t stop.  😉  They are good books to read and entertain…just have to skim over some unnecessary roughness of words.