We have Butterflies

3 of our chrysalids hatched today!  One poor butterfly did not develop right and was all twisted…that one did not make it.  But the other 2 are flying around the net.  One more chrysalis to go…that one did not form his chrysalis until a few days after the first, so he will likely come out in a few days.  It was great to watch!  I hope to get photos soon!

lava lamp science

I did this with my kids yesterday for our science day.  I was excited…just mixing a few ingredients made a temporary lava lamp like reaction in a glass.  Pretty fun stuff for them!  And I enjoyed it as well.


Also, we transferred are chrysalides (yes that is the plural of chrysalis) from there little cup to the butterfly net.  Hopefully in 5 days or so we will have some butterflies!