Champagne and Feet

Last night my awesome cousin and her husband took us to an awesome champagne bar!  Very cool.  I am not a big drinker, but I do like champagne, so ordered a champagne cocktail with strawberry something in it.  SO GOOD!  Then also ordered a scrumptious s’mores crepe…may be the best thing I ever ate.  I seriously wanted to move the place into my basement.

Because of that and the birthday party we had prior to, my foot was not wrapped at all yesterday and I am feeling it today.  I feel so old between the tendinitis and the food allergies or whatever is making my body react, but the fact that neither is serious is awesome…can’t keep me down.  😉  No complaining…really…when I was on the elliptical the other morning after the sermon I was listening to they showed a clip of a girl that was sold into human trafficking.  The degrees of suffering in this world are so great…I was reminded again that I have no right to be upset about little things in life…at least not dramatically upset…a little frustration may come out at times.  No use creating drama when there is enough real drama in the world already.

And my tangent post is done, but if you have a champagne bar anywhere in your vicinity, I would highly recommend!


Footprints and Bobbleheads

I thought I would take a break from my running posts, although I did run my first 8 miles yesterday.  🙂

Valentine’s Day has changed for us over the years.  Before children, my husband and I would go out in celebration of the day.  When the kids were just babies we would wait until after they went to bed and my husband would bring in food while I set up a faux fancy dining table.  But last year, we decided to take the kids out for Valentine’s Day and have a family evening.  It was so much fun that we will be making it our new tradition…and I love it!  This year the tradition continued.  We just took them to a movie, but it was so sweet for us all to be together.  It was evident that they felt special and included, as well…a family date!  🙂

Valentine’s Day also brings crafts when you have young children, so this year we found the best thing for Grandpa…paint your own bobbleheads!  Each kid painted his/her own bobblehead and then glued a picture of his/her face where it belonged.  I have to say, they were pretty funny!  Definitely keepers!  And then, for Mema and Bepa (grandma and grandpa) came a framed picture of the kids.  On the matting they left red footprints…this made a pretty big picture.  That one almost didn’t go out the door.  Their footprints made in a V were hearts and over the picture we put the quote “Sometimes people leave footprints on your heart.”  Many pictures were taken of that project before it was given away.

This week was not all about the kids, thought…we were able to drop them off at Mema and Bepa’s this weekend and enjoy an evening of skiing and outdoor hot tubs AND sleeping in the following morning.  It was nice to spend one on one time with my best friend.  My husband is amazing.  He seeks the Lord, he helps everyone he is able to, he is an incredible daddy, a hard worker, a good friend and he puts up with me!  He is one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Actually everyone mentioned in this post are amazing blessings, God most of all!

No matter what last week held for you, happiness and joy, or frustration and sadness, it is my hope that you seek the perfect joy from our Lord and Savior.  He doesn’t promise a perfect life, but He does promise to walk through it with you!