Its about time

Since it has been around a year since I have been on here, I thought it was well past time to get back in the game. ¬†ūüôā

What a way to start than with this:

The word you are looking for is…”ahhh…maaaaa…zing!”

This awesome creation by McCormick and Schmick’s graced my plate yesterday in all its splendor. ¬†It is huge! ¬†At least to me. ¬†The size of the picture doesn’t do it justice. ¬†It is truly a delicious piece of art filled with mousse and the raspberry sauce on the bottom is delicious! ¬†I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

We then made our way to see Allegiant…which sadly I would not recommend to anyone and everyone. ¬†My husband enjoyed it, but has not read the book. ¬†Very futuristic…almost to the sci-fy realm. ¬†I, being a HARD CORE Divergent fan, am not enjoying all the artistic liberties being put into the films. ¬†This last one is completely different than the book, changed, not just missing parts. ¬†However, it is entertaining.

That’s it for now! ¬†Figured I would start with a nice light, yummy post before delving into politics and such on my first blog back in action.



I am not an expert on things of the Bible. ¬†I don’t think I pretend to be. ¬†I am not afraid to admit that there are some things that are tough to swallow when following the ways of Christ. ¬†However, despite all of that, I am eager to learn more about Him and I trust Him to know better than me. ¬†His ways are higher than mine. ¬†My lack of understanding is because of my imperfections, not because of His.

One of the things many Christians struggle with is forgiveness. ¬†It is pretty easy to forgive someone for an accident, but I am talking true ‘lay down the sword’ forgiveness. ¬†My biggest struggle isn’t forgiving people who hurt me, but rather people who hurt those I love, or people who hurt children. ¬†But we must forgive. ¬†And we must pray that they change. ¬†We are called to minister to them just as much as we are called to minister to the little old lady next door who always bakes us apple pies.

Whenever I think about murderers, abusers, etc, I think of a few things. ¬†First of all, it is not my place to judge where they will spend eternity. ¬†While we are not called to condone, accept, or agree with their choices…in fact we are called to speak truth against their choices and hold them accountable…we are not the judges of their forever fate. ¬†Second of all, I am far from perfect, and the deepest sins that Jesus knows about me are no better than the ones that we all know about public sinners. ¬†Third, while some people are completely aware of the evil they do, others are not completely…some were raised from birth to think it okay to hurt those who don’t agree with them. ¬†Some have not found Jesus yet and do not realize how wrong they are. ¬†This doesn’t make them innocent. ¬†No…none of us our innocent, but prayers and forgiveness are for everyone. ¬†I also thank God that by His grace alone, I am not under the mindset that murder and abuse is the right path to take. ¬†Finally I think about the length of eternity. ¬†We cannot even comprehend the length of time eternity is. ¬†And for someone to suffer for that long helps me pray for everyone.

Again, please know I am not condoning these people or their actions. ¬†I have not been in the position to have to forgive someone who hurt my family in a severe way. ¬†I have had to forgive people who have hurt my family in a less severe way though. ¬†I don’t know how I would respond in the situation, but I pray that I would be able to forgive and love as Jesus would call me to do. ¬†I am not at all claiming it would be easy.

When I think about people around the world hurting others, especially children, the only way I can make it make sense is if I relate it to “Divergent.” ¬†Yes, my favorite movie! ¬†There is a part of the movie where people are put under a trance and in this trance are programmed to do things that they normally would be against. ¬†When they come out of the trance they are appalled at what they have done. ¬†I think of the unsaved as being in the trance and if we can reach them, maybe they can come out of the trance, stop hurting people, and help save others.

In a world of Sauls, let’s pray for some conversions to Pauls.

Why Tris Would Have Victory Over Katniss

For all the viewers/readers of Hunger Games and Divergent…here is why Tris would crush Katniss. ¬†Now if you only watched the movies, I would have to say that Katniss may come across as tougher than Tris, but here is why that is not the case.

Point 1: Katniss was willing to die for her sister, Tris was willing to die for her boyfriend.  Tie.

Point 2: Tris was trained for quite some time for combat, while Katniss was minorly prepped.  +1 Tris

Point 3: Katniss needed Peeta to survive her nightmares.  Tris can handle sleeping through the night.  +1 Tris

Point 4: Katniss strings along 2 guys.  Tris is able to set her sights on who she loves and keep him.  +1 Tris

Point 5: Tris ran into dangerous situations many times to save others and even took on her own boyfriend.  +1 Tris

Point 6: Katniss was put into dangerous situatons, but was mostly concerned with saving her own skin than the rest of the world.  Actually as I type this, I am guessing Tris probably would have stayed with Gale rather than Peeta, which is another plus for Tris, so I give this +2 for Tris.

I hope my ultra serious synopsis brought a smile to your face. ¬†ūüôā

The Book Thief and Divergent

I would recommend anyone seeing the movie The Book Thief. ¬†However, I would recommend the book more, which I am sure I did when I wrote about this amazing piece of literature. ¬†The movie, while very good, may be difficult to follow if you hadn’t read the book. ¬†The characters did a great job, though, and I feel the story still came to life. ¬†The little¬†boy in the movie completely reminded my husband and me of our little toe-head…not just in his appearance, but in his behaviors. ¬†It was sweet to be reminded of him, except for his fate, of course. ¬†Bottom line, go see the movie it is good, but read the book, it is better!

I have been waiting for over a year to see my movie Divergent! ¬†Divergent and its sequel are a couple of my favorite fiction books and the movie did not disappoint! ¬†I would recommend the book and the movie to anyone! ¬†SO GOOD! ¬†I would easily pay to see it again. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Yes I am the same person who criticized the Son of God movie, and no, this movie does not give a message of salvation, BUT it does not claim to either. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Good movie, good book, highly recommended!

The Kite Runner and Catching Fire

I finished The Kite Runner. ¬†It took me about a third of the book to “get into it” but then I was hooked. ¬†It was done well. ¬†Khaled Hosseini¬†is a talented author. ¬†It is eye opening. ¬†That is the best way for me to describe it. ¬† My heart breaks for the suffering of people all over the world. ¬†I am not one to pretend that the world is always happy and no one faces pain. ¬†On the contrary, I know that there is more than enough suffering and pain to go around. ¬†But sometimes thinking like that is just as bad as pretending there is none, because we get immune to it. ¬†I like reading books that put it in my face a little bit. ¬†It makes me better aware. ¬†And hopefully the more aware we are, the more help we will be able to provide. ¬†Even if our help is “only to pray,” prayer is an enormous thing we can do, because God can reach across the world.

I also saw Catching Fire¬†this weekend. ¬†I give a lot of credit to everyone that is part of the Hunger Games movies. ¬†I think the movies are an excellent representation of the books in details, characters and settings. ¬†I enjoy the Hunger Games series. ¬†I am not as big of a fan of the second and third books as I am of the first, but I still enjoy them. ¬†The movie was the same for me. ¬†As good as it was, not quite as wonderful as the first. ¬†It is a tough thing to do. ¬†I still think they all did a great job! ¬†And, I loved that Divergent was previewed…cannot wait to see that, too. ¬†ūüôā


I have been waiting over a year for this book, the third in the series. ¬†I am a HUGE fan of the Divergent and Insurgent books! ¬† After waiting so long, I do not feel it is truly fair to rate this book…there was a long and large build up. ¬†It took me a little longer to get into than the first two, but once in, I was hooked. ¬†Veronica Roth is talented! ¬†I did feel that this book read more like a movie than a book, but let’s face it, it will likely be in movie form before we know it. ¬†I hope so anyway! ¬†I figured out how it would end early on. ¬†She left a little bit of room for the what if and I had my own ending in mind that I knew she wouldn’t do, but I completely understand why she ended it the way she did. ¬†It was the only way to bring the series full circle and make a clean and closed ending to the series. ¬†I applaud Veronica Roth for this series…it is captivating and unique. ¬†I do like the first 2 better than the last, but I still like the last, especially for a 3rd book in a series! ¬†ūüôā ¬†You should definitely read and enjoy!


Good Reads

My friend is in a book club and has passed on some great books recently.

I did jump on the bandwagon for The Hunger Games. ¬†I must say I was hooked. ¬†However, as quickly as I read through the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, neither was as good as the 1st. ¬†I think The Hunger Games was written very well, but would most likely preferred to stop there and come up with my own ending in my head. ¬†It didn’t help that I was Team Gale, but that does not comprise my whole opinion.

I recently read Unbroken, which I have already posted about.  Love it!  Amazing man, amazing testimony, amazing amazing amazing!

I borrowed Like Dandelion Dust from the library along with the movie.  Unlike myself, I watched the movie first and could not bring myself to read the book.  I got a little fired up when a little boy would potentially be ripped out of a life he lived for 6 years with his adoptive parents, the only parents he knew, to live with his birthparents and perhaps never see his adoptive parents again.  I am sure it was beautifully written, I think I am too close to the situation to be able to handle it though.  So, that is just me, nothing against the author.

I am desperately waiting (for another year and a half) for the 3rd book in the Divergent series. ¬†I equally liked the first and second book in this series and am glad Veronica Roth is taking her time for the 3rd book, though I can’t wait! ¬†She is a talented author…very good books. ¬†The second one started a bit slower than the first, but soon proved quite readworthy.

Because of Unbroken, I am currently reading Seabiscuit by the same author, Laura Hillenbrand.  I am enjoying learning history in an entertaining, yet true, fashion.  I have just started this book and like it so far.

Has anyone else been reading anything especially good this summer?