Mommy Real

I am generally the stereotypical mom/teacher whose immune system is strong and doesn’t have time to be sick. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Well, some crud came and hit the whole family hard this week. ¬†During the worst day for all of us, I was scheduled to take dinner to a friend, which I loved doing (no complaints). ¬†But after teaching sick kiddos all day, cooking their dinner, and delivering it, I was spent and so were they. ¬†Again, not complaining, this is just leading up to my mommy failure. ¬†It was just about six on our way home and I was debating dinner for us. ¬†My mind, nose and head were clogged and so we pulled into the grocery store where I proceeded to buy packaged sodium. ¬†For those of you who know me, this is not my style, but sometimes something has to give. ¬†And I felt extremely guilty laying down the made for kid tv dinners, as well as donuts for the next morning. ¬†But, such is life. ¬†And the kids love donuts!!! ¬†ūüôā

Special News Report

I had about 15 minutes to sit down during the day today. ¬†I sat down with my 2 hour late lunch, put on the tv to not think for a couple minutes, and…there is a Special News Report. ¬†And it was not one that made me enjoy sitting down. ¬†I took it as a sign that I was not yet supposed to have a break in the day.

A leader of a nation should not directly separate the country. ¬†Of course we all have different views. ¬†He may be the leader, but his opinion does not reflect the entire country. ¬†I give credit to the Republican leaders who are standing up for those they represent. ¬†The plan on the table is certainly not one in which the whole country agrees. ¬†It is not a plan that is healthy for the country as a whole and for a leader to point fingers at one side because they do not agree with him is appalling. ¬†Leaders are supposed to bring their people together, not tear them apart. ¬†A confident leader would be able to lead by example, be okay with people disagreeing with him and make a plan to join forces instead of putting the blame on everyone but himself. ¬†It is interesting, the book I just finished reading spoke of how leaders can rule with words. ¬†They can make people afraid of things they should not fear, make them bold when they should be cautious, and make them feel guilty for not following their lead. ¬†Words are powerful things…they can build up…they can destroy.

We all have the capability to discern these words  I pray they are pondered before they are followed blindly.