As Sure As the Dawn

The last in the Voice in the Wind series by Francine Rivers.  I did enjoy this one, although not as much as the first two.  It was harder to get through, but I know I thought of it often as it was part of my dreams, too.  😉  However, I liked the continuous reminders of how to share Christ’s love no matter what the cost…I NEED those reminders.  I also need the reminders not to judge but to hold compassion for the lost…any who are lost.   For a third book of a trilogy series it was great!

An Echo in the Darkness

Another winner from Francine Rivers!  She has taken the 2nd book of this series and followed through well.  I am convicted of how much more I need to do to share my faith with others…that Jesus is our Savior!

A couple times I was concerned that she was going to take the characters on a path I didn’t agree with (not that I would lose respect in her writing) but she took the time to take them where they needed to go.

Love this book, love this author and cannot wait to read the last one in the series.  I have had suggestions for other books of hers, but they are not yet in my library.

I am certain the 3rd one will take longer to read…vacations help find time to finish books.  😉

A Voice in the Wind

I just finished this fiction book written by Francine Rivers.  She can write!  I was drawn in.  The first few pages made me second guess the recommendations I received and then…I was sold!   A long book which is hard on the busy mom…I want to read it more than time allows, but I did read it all, loved it, and am ready to start the second book in the series.  Rivers is an incredible writer.  Her descriptions and imagination are skillfully tied in with facts of the time period.  Through the whole book her main character is a reminder of how we need to live.  She is strong in her faith, humble and full of respect.  I highly recommend this book.