Weekly Update and MUD

First of all, I did the Mud event this weekend!  I LOVED IT!  I am now hooked.  I just wish they weren’t so expensive.  I really want to do the Tough Mudder, but it is killer $$$$.  We will see.  The one I did with my hubby and friends was almost 8 miles and 26 obstacles.  LOVED IT!  And my hubby and I got more time together than we have in a long time.

Weight stats…still staying away from body fat percentage until my weight comes down.  It has not changed, but my clothes fit better?  So I am sure there is some muscle gain, but I still want the shred…so hoping for that to come soon.

Be back in a week!

orange julius

Because I do not always want to be teacher mommy or rule maker mommy, I decided to incorporate Cooking Days and Science Days into our school days…plus try to be fun mommy during non-school hours.  😉  Cooking and Science Days are so fun for the kids though that I really do not need to be rule making mommy in a strict way…they follow because it is fun.

Today is Tuesday and Tuesdays are cooking days, so we made Orange Julius.  I LOVED orange julius as a kid…and it is still so yummy!  Easy and quick too.

Orange Julius

1 1/4 cups orange juice

1 cup water

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup sugar

1 cup ice

Put all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth and frothy.  Enjoy!

Challenge and Accountablilty

This is not a New Year resolution.  I have been up and down on my weight goal for quite some time now.  The weight loss has been slow but I have added a lot of muscle, so…   Anyway, I am down to the last 5 pounds I want to lose (After this week it may be 7 pounds…weigh in Saturday).  Anyone want to join me in the last 5 pound challenge?  We could come up with some way to hold each other accountable in diet and exercise.  I would love to get 5 pounds off by February 1st…I know it is healthily possible.  I would love to have a partner in crime…hint hint hint.  Join me in the “fun”  😉

Grocery shopping and camping

The difference in going shopping without children vs with children…

Without children: Shopping takes 1/3 of the time…really.  This is good for everyone…there is more time allotted for playing, there is no risk of losing a child in the battle of the cart, the kids don’t have to hear Mommy tell them how blessed we are to be able to go to a store…you really should be thankful to have to be here with me in this stunning environment ;), and the children don’t have to hear me remind them how fortunate they are that I plan my trips around snack time so something occupies them for a percentage of the time we are there.  The best part of shopping without children is that I, who am far from being underage, have been asked twice recently if I am over 18 (1 for a student discount and 1 for my whey protein?).

With children: I have company :), I have a live band, I have songs and smiles…far more smiles than without them, and most of the time I get compliments on their behavior (they really do a good job most of the time).


The difference in going camping without children vs with children…

Without children: More time to take in the sights, better sleep, adult conversation, longer hikes, etc.  No matter how much you love your children, it is nice to have time with your spouse with no interruptions.

With children: More interesting sights, warmer sleep (tents get cold), excitement on their achievements (this year they tried rock climbing), Family Time!  🙂  Sure it is messier and busier, but it is super fun!