All miles are not created equal and other random thoughts…

Some thoughts of the day…

“It never fails!”

The kids will be playing like angels all day long, with me and independently, and as soon as I pick up the phone a “crisis” breaks out.

“Wow…great trick!”

We were doing ice cube melting experiments and my youngest put his on a small stool in front of the refrigerator.  In my hurriedness of the day, I completely forgot about it and walked right into it kicking the stool across the kitchen.  I turned back to see the cup sitting perfectly upright, not spilled right below where it was on the stool.  I love when things work out that way.  🙂


Thighs and toilet seats just don’t make a good combination.

“Vanilla almond milk is better to clean”

After my youngest threw it up all over the couch from being in so much pain with his ear infection, I realized that I preferred it over normal child stomach yuckiness.  It is sad that I am comparing in this area, but such is life.

“I should have known”

When my youngest (he has had a busy week) fell asleep sitting straight up crammed in the corner of the grocery cart that he would wake up with an illness the next day.

“All miles are not created equal”

I ran my first 10 miles in a nice flat neighborhood with sidewalks and trails.  I ran my second 10 mile run on the road full of hills (mostly small hills, but a hill is a hill) and wow my time and my body noticed the difference!  

Priceless Words

Here are a few of my favorite kid quotes.  These are NOT from forwards, these are from my own kiddos mouths over the years.

  • When my daughter was trying to realize that the chicken “with eyes” and the chicken on your plate are the same, I tried to point out to her that we eat all things like chicken, fish, cows, etc…and my son jumps in and says, “yeah, like Monkey Bread.”


  • My son brought me a toy to fix.  I still don’t know what was wrong with it.  But, I looked it over and did something to “fix” it.  He runs to his siblings and says, “Mommy touched it and it is all fixed!”


  • My daughter, when my husband was sick, told him he would get better because “when you are sick God touches your back and you get better.  When I was sick God touch-ed my back and made me better.”


  • My son, “Mommy its stuck, I can’t get my achoo out.”  (when he couldn’t sneeze)


  • My son asked his grandpa how he was and Grandpa was silly and said , “wonderful and beautiful and great and…”  Then my son says, “You don’t have a skirt.  You can’t be beautiful without a skirt!”