Why is anyone shocked?

I have contemplated blogging on this topic.  I have contemplated what to say.  At the end of the day I am shocked that anyone is shocked that Dan Cathy believes the Bible.  Chick Fil A is not shy about being a Christian company.  On the contrary, they make a point to show they are Christian.  Why would the people in charge not believe the Bible?

And, because Dan Cathy believes the Bible, I am going to assume that he also believes the part that says we are not the ones who judge…only the Lord.  I would also be willing to bet that he has love in his heart for all people even if he disagrees with their life choices.  Maybe this is where the shock comes into play.  Do non-Christians find it hard to believe that Christians can love those who do not live their lives in the same manner?  I also wonder if Dan Cathy was Muslim and said he supports traditional families would it have brought about the same commotion as it has for a Christian to speak these words?

Let it be known that he did not speak against homosexuals.  He said he agrees with the Bible and the view of a traditional family.  There was no hate speech, no refusal of service, simply a Christian believing in Christianity.  Shocking.

Kirk Cameron went through a similar situation recently.  Everyone who knows Kirk Cameron knows he is a Christian, and yet, everyone was shocked that he believes in the traditional family.  However…he still loves those who make different choices.  How horrible of him to love everyone even if they don’t agree with him (much sarcasm here).

I like my Christian chicken.  I have always loved Chick Fil A food.  I support their beliefs because I support the Bible.  If people don’t want to go to Chick Fil A because of Chick Fil A’s viewpoints, by all means, stop eating good food.  Their views have not changed and I would be surprised if they do in the future.

Guess what?  Even though I support Chick Fil A and more importantly the Bible and God’s Word, I still love those who make choices that do not agree with mine.  Do I LIKE everything they do?  Of course not.  Are they going to make me change my mind? No.  Am I going to change theirs?  Who knows?  I do know that Jesus walked with all types of people while He was on this earth and I want to be like Him.