Alex Cross and Caspian

I finally finished the Alex Cross series…or at least what is there so far.  I have to say, my review of each book isn’t very different.  There were few surprises.  As the books went on, the plots had more depth, but the endings still left a little to be desired.  I would surely read the next one…if there will be a next one.  I chose to not try to figure out James Patterson’s political stance and simply focus on the content.  I became attached to the characters and they were easy and entertaining reads.  Of all the books, I think “Merry Christmas Alex Cross” and “Alex Cross Run”  could actually be decent movies.


I am almost finished reading Prince Caspian to my kids.  They do enjoy it, but not as much as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I can’t argue, it is hard to beat the first book in this series.  Prince Caspian is still a great read and we will be moving on to The Dawn Treader upon completion.

Alex Cross revisited

I decided not to continue to post about Alex Cross books.  I will continue to read them because they are a series and I “have to know” how they end.  However, my posts about the books are pretty much the same.  Mostly because his books are similar, as are many that are in a series.  I will say from what I have read I probably am against most of James Patterson’s values and beliefs.  I do not at all like his language, and his books are pretty predictable.  BUT, I like the mystery and the action of his books, and as I said before , I want to follow it through to the end.  So, this is my last post on this series, but I will finish it out.

Pop Goes the Weasel and Roses Are Red

James Patterson finally got me.  I have been enjoying his Alex Cross series because they are quick reads (something crucial when you have little kids around all the time) and they are entertaining.  However, I have said that I find them predictable.  He finally threw me a curveball at the end of Roses Are Red.  The killer is not at all who I had predicted.  And the funny part was I suspected this person in an earlier book and he ended up seeming ok.  I am so so so so so excited now to read Violets Are Blue and see how it all plays out…BUT…I am now in the midst of the 2nd book in the Game of Thrones series…The Clash of Kings.  It will be awhile until I finish that.  This is not a quick read, but I am enjoying it so far.  Too many books, not enough time.  🙂

Cat and Mouse

Just finished Cat and Mouse by James Patterson.

It was slightly more predictable than the last one, but not in a boring way.

More gore…yeah…it was pretty gruesome in parts.

Less politics…yeah…I am still having a hard time determining if James Patterson has an underlying political agenda, but I have decided not to worry about that too much and just read it for readings sake.

Written better than the last one…by far!

I like this book and would recommend this one.  🙂

Jack and Jill

I want to read through the Alex Cross series since I have begun it.  I enjoyed Along Came a Spider, except for the language.  Jack and Jill was not my favorite.  The story line was decent but it took so much time to get to the plot.  I felt like James Patterson had a political agenda in this book, but did not come out and say it specifically, in concerns to offend any reader.  I did not enjoy his writing in this book as much as the others. There were many details, which I normally enjoy, but these ones seemed a bit frivolous.   I am currently reading Cat and Mouse by James Patterson,  and other than the language, I am already liking this book better.  I will definitely continue the series…once you start you can’t stop.  😉  They are good books to read and entertain…just have to skim over some unnecessary roughness of words.

Along Came a Spider

I am very interested in seeing the Kill Alex Cross movie, which led me to look for it at the library.  This is when I found out it is a whole series.  So…I had to start with the first one, Along Came A Spider.  I have already seen Kiss the Girls, the second one, so will likely skip that to go to the third.  However, I do have some other books in my possession that will have to be knocked out before I get to book #3.

I really enjoyed this book, because I was unable to predict everything.  So many books I am able to predict the events, which makes the author have to work harder to entertain me.  😉  Though I was able to predict some things in this book, most of it was too complex for me to put all together.  It kept me on my toes, was entertaining and as mentioned above, convinced me to continue reading the series.  I am excited to do so!  I was not a fan of the language, but it did fit the characters.  I am sure most DC inner city cops do not have the cleanest mouths.  At least the language wasn’t in there just to try to make the book better, but to develop the characters.

Well done James Patterson!

* I was also proud of myself.  I was reading this book while my husband was out of town and was able to stay composed when the power went out during his absence right at a peak part of the book.  😉