day 25

I know many people that would have started a weight loss plan 25 days ago would have reached their goal.  A year ago I would have too.  But I am not just working on losing weight, I am working on a healthier way of eating.  I am finally to the point where more days than not are fairly healthy.  I still slip up more than I like, but I am getting there.  Plus even though my weight hasn’t changed, my body has…I am more toned and have a better body fat percentage.  So…not all a loss.  🙂

I did not do the leg workout yesterday so I did it today along with a shoulder weight lifting routine and plan on doing Jillian thighs later on this evening.

I am on target for being around 1700 calories today and my water intake is good.


day 6

Am workout = thighs, glutes with bands

Meals included…(yes again a few graham crackers…ugh!), egg whites, protein shake, berries

Water intake: 30 ounces so far

Caloric intake: AND THEN I BLEW IT!  Again.  I am beginning to feel like I am 1 step forward 2 steps back.  erg!  Sorely in need of an accountability partner or a personal trainer.  😉  Or maybe I just need to stop baking for other people and sampling too much…hmmm…

PM workout = P90X cardio (to try to make up for a horrible evening of gorging)

****Still a possibility of trying out a thigh/buns workout from good old Jillian tonight before sleep…feeling that guilty about the food.