So there are some decisions on my horizon…minor ones.  Lifestyle decisions, not life or death decisions.

I looked in the mirror today and was not pleased…I weighed myself today and was even more greatly displeased!  I have been playing around with the Primal/Paleo way of eating for awhile now.  Every time I start, I miss my sugars too much and then I fail…badly.  I am a fan of carbs…fruits, potatoes, breads, DESSERTS.  It is tough for me to cut them out all together…or even a little bit.  But sugar is pretty much the one thing all the “experts” can agree on as being horrible for you.  You can find studies for or against red meat, for or against whole grains, for or against salt, even for or against fruit…but sugar never passes the test.  Why does it have to taste so good?

Being realistic I know that I cannot go cold turkey in cutting out sugars completely.  I am thinking of trying to do so 6 days a week to start.  I am hoping to get my family on board as well, because it is hard to have the stuff you can’t eat in the house.  My husband wants to be healthy, too, we just both realize it is a BIG change.  It will be difficult for the kids, but how great to teach them to be healthy while they are young so they don’t have to struggle with breaking bad habits when they are older!  The Primal/Paleo lifestyle also incorporates fitness and that will give us some nice family time…make it fun and keep moving being the key…not timing or forcing or treating them like army recruits.

I want to be careful not to make fitness and health more important than our time in prayer and Bible study.  Being healthy is important…yes!  Being spiritually healthy and doing our best to follow Jesus is most important!

Another decision I will have to make is how important running is to me.  In training I have found that my body was not built for running.  My knee issues are manageable…the arthritis and the runner’s knee are common and only pose a problem with a flare up.  The foot is another story.  It continues to swell every time I run.  The tendonitis will go away, but never completely, becasue the bone issue is a contributor to the tendonitis and the plantar fascia.  I hope I spelled that right.  😉  There is another half in October that I would like to run…training would start in July…I have a bit of time to make the decision.  I wouldn’t mind replacing running with some other activity like judo or spinning or even boxing…all those sound high energy and lots of fun!

So these are the silly and small decisions that I will be making soon…they are surely better to debate than the serious decisions that I won’t be blogging about. least not yet.



I tried.  I pushed.  I fought against it.

At 5:42 this morning, the road won.

Training had been going very well!  I shed the shin splints, I built up to 9 miles…in a way, I actually enjoyed the 9 mile run!  Last week, perfect weather, headphones stayed in, different scenery…all made for a great run.

Before that run I was bothered by my knee…seemingly with bursitis.  After that run, it was rough walking the rest of the day…forced to elliptical training for a couple days, but was also able to get some treadmill time in and geared up for my 10 mile run this morning.

As I limped up the road to my starting point my knee hurt, but I was determined it would feel better when the running began.  My 10 miles were reduced to 10 feet.

I tried to put full weight on and run through it, but it wasn’t happening.  My body was not allowing me to put full weight on that leg.

I am disappointed.  I really was looking forward to my long run this week.

I am nervous.  The closer the race day gets the less I want my training to be on hold.

I am benched for not and so this morning the road won the battle.

One battle.

I am determined to win the war.