Yes, yes, yes, I know.   Promises to be here every day.  I know.  But, I have been saving up verses and will tell you why in a moment.  I am not making any more promises to be on here every day, but I will try very hard to be.  😉

We have had 3 pipe semi-flooding incidents in the last 3 weeks…none connected, all annoying, all time consuming.  I have been knocked down for the past week with gall bladder issues, which has made the eating and exercising thing a bit tricky.  Ironically it hit when I was eating my healthiest, but I am not usually unhealthy (I do not deprive myself of a good burger or milkshake on occasion, but I am generally not in those situations), we are the typical chicken, fruit and veggie family.  Boring, yes, healthy, yes.

So health first…I have not exercised in about a week.  Hoping to start today.  I hadn’t been sleeping…like, at all…so getting on a treadmill was daunting and lifting weights…well, let’s just say I feared dropping things on my head.  😉  I have been great with calories now that I am afraid of food, which you would show on the scale.  I am not worried about losing weight right now…truly…but ya know, an added perk to being sick is usually losing weight.  I think I lost an ounce.  My body is just quite out of whack these days.

Enough about me, I have had some wonderful verses (yes, they are all wonderful) come to my email through my daily verse website and I wanted to share.

He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.  2 Corinthians 3:6

Jesus is the only way we can enter His Kingdom and have eternal life.  Following every law to the “T” will not get us there.  Now, that does not mean you should break laws just because His forgiveness abounds.  If we are one with Christ and know the sacrifices He has made for us, we should want to make choices He wants us to make and reach even those who treat us or those we love the worst.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  1 Peter 2:9

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.  Ephesians 2:8-9

weekly update

Frustrated!  So SO so SO frustrated!

So…my calories have been on target.  My workouts have been on target.  My off days have been less off and fewer than normal.  I have lost body fat, BUT have gained weight!  Personal trainers out there…help!  I have been hungry and tired this week especially and my weight it up.

A couple things I am wondering…have I reached the hard to penetrate through plateau? …did my body get so used to my old lifting routine that my muscles drifted away a bit and now that I am on new workout programs they are bulking up and adding weight?  …previously I had backed off a bit on squats and leg press because they made my legs a bit bulkier, but they were toned…could my new leg routine be doing that?

I don’t know, but I am frustrated.  I say that knowing that my BMI is 20.2, and that is SO not bad.  I say that knowing that in the grand scheme of life, this is NO big deal.  I say that knowing that I am blessed to be able to eat and workout.  But I say that knowing I now have even more serious work to do to reach my goal.

So BMI is 20.2

BF% ranges but averages 17%  My lowest reading is 13.9%  Like that one!

Got my waist (natural bend) back to 23 inches…like that too!

My waist at BB…24.5 inches

My stomach below belly button…27 inches

Rest of my measurements remain pretty much the same.

Be back in a week, hopefully not as hungry or tired and hopefully less weight than more.  😛

Oh Christmas Party….

We had our annual Christmas party today…I will post some recipes later on this week.  I tried making a new quiche recipe, a new mac n cheese recipe and peppermint bark this year.  Then I had some old standbys…chocolate chip walnut cups, sweet potato casserole and about a gazillion kinds of sweets (really a lot).  We had a fun time.  I ate about triple of what I planned.  Between that and getting back into my lifting routine next week (hopefully) it will be interesting to see if I can keep my progress going in my weekly updates.  Here’s hoping!

Change and Consistency

I have been thinking and so haven’t been doing my daily food and exercise report.

All of you following my healthy living/weight loss plan know I have yet to reach any of my goals…goals that were easy for me not too long ago.  Recently though, I (try to eat less) deprive myself of food and then eat too much.  I need to change that and be consistent.  I also am getting bored posting my daily routines and think it probably is boring to the readers.  We will just assume that most days I will do a cardio workout and a lifting workout, that I will do my best to stay at 1500 calories or less, but may go over with healthy foods, that I will do my best to be unnatural-sugar free.

From this point on I will report in just once a week with BMI and body fat percentage stats.  Weigh in days will be Saturdays…since my weight has been going in the opposite direction, my first goal is to get back to my starting point and go from there.  So don’t hold any high expectations for me for my first report.  Hopefully after that I can get my act together a bit more.  AND, I promise to be honest if I slip…I have been honest so far, so no reason to think otherwise.

I also have been making some personal observations lately and finally have accepted them (for the most part).  I have no desire to be underweight again.  For awhile I thought I had to be the thinnest person or as thin as actresses.  Guess what?  Actresses are revered because they are gorgeous and even if I weighed as little as they do (not saying they are all underweight, because many are not), I am still not a tv star…and I am ok with that.  🙂  I think I am not losing weight as quickly this time because I am actually happy with most of my body most of the time…I know I have much room for improvement, but I also know I am much happier and much healthier where I am now compared to where I was a year ago.

Slow and steady wins the race and as I make my mistakes along the way, my ultimate goal is to be healthier and lose a little weight…I have my number that I would like to reach.

Anyway, changing a little on the weight report, but still hope to encourage others and use you all as accountability.  🙂

day 14

AM workout: biceps and triceps lifting routine

Great…awesome…fabulous calories all day and then blew it at night…badly…blah.  My goal may not happen as quickly.  This is okay…I know that my main goal is to be healthier and that will take some adjustment time.

PM workout: P90X core … one day I will be able to plank an inch off the ground and not shake and move my legs like these people…one day is far away.  😉

day 12 and 13

The last two days I had a total of 3300ish calories, which puts me in the 1600-1700 calories for the last 3 days.  A far cry from my goal of 1200, but still improvement.  I am hoping my downward calorie trend continues.  Why does hunger have to be so persistent.  😉

Day 12 and 13 workouts included back and shoulder lifting routines, ab interval workouts and P90X Kenpo.

Be back later !