The Cross at Ground Zero

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The message I heard at church today willed me to post this today.

The cross at Ground Zero…offered hope to many when found…now is cause for controversy in our country.

A small amount of Americans do not want it in the 9/11 museum, because they claim it gives them headaches and makes them physically sick.

It is not shocking to know that I am partial to having it in the museum, because I know the hope of the cross.  I know that Christ is with us during trials.  On the premise of the museum itself, it belongs within.  The museum is a collection of images and remnants of the Ground Zero recovery.  If nothing else, the cross belongs in the museum because it is found from Ground Zero.

While on the topic, the majority wanted the cross in the museum, and the majority did not want the mosque built near Ground Zero.  In some future posts, I will be posting on other issues that the majority wants or does not want, what our country is built on, and how that seems to mean very little at times.