It has been an “exciting” kid week in our house.

My oldest got his first bee sting.  It has been the first bee sting our children have experienced that they remember.  His sister was stung when she was under a year and it was devastating!  He handled it well…really well…until I hugged him and then he fell apart.

My daughter finally has 2 loose teeth…her brother has lost a handful and she has been waiting pretty patiently and definitely with eagerness.

And my youngest who may possibly have the biggest heart of anyone, but who also is quite curious, fierce hugging, all boy and rather wreckless, fell on the back of his head this weekend while playing…small scrape, but being as it was his head, lots of blood.  This child will make me gray.  He is okay…completely!  🙂

Something else we began working on this week is addressing adults by saying “sir” or “ma’am” or their name (Mr./Mrs. _________).  They have always used last names with adults, but when they address people I want them to use those names in greetings and thank yous, etc, or in yeses or nos.  My oldest is doing quite well.  The other two are a little shy, but will get there.

That is a week in our life.  🙂


child convictions

My children find ways to convict me each day it seems…and they don’t even know it.  Yesterday they had a pretty great day in terms of kids…fun activities, good food, lots of mommy time…and yet they complained.  Soooo…they had to listen to the mommy lecture of how they were given so much in which to be thankful, and instead of being happy or thanking mommy they found things to complain about.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids are pretty good with manners, but I think we all get used to being treated a certain way…and they have a pretty good life…thanks to God!  🙂

Not very long after I gave them the lecture, it hit me that we all, me included if not me especially, take for granted what God gives us on a daily basis.  We are richly blessed…RICHLY BLESSED!  We all have trials…some little, some rather large…but looking at the bigger picture, wow!  We need to be thanking God first…abundantly…and maybe we will find less to complain to Him about.