Why Tris Would Have Victory Over Katniss

For all the viewers/readers of Hunger Games and Divergent…here is why Tris would crush Katniss.  Now if you only watched the movies, I would have to say that Katniss may come across as tougher than Tris, but here is why that is not the case.

Point 1: Katniss was willing to die for her sister, Tris was willing to die for her boyfriend.  Tie.

Point 2: Tris was trained for quite some time for combat, while Katniss was minorly prepped.  +1 Tris

Point 3: Katniss needed Peeta to survive her nightmares.  Tris can handle sleeping through the night.  +1 Tris

Point 4: Katniss strings along 2 guys.  Tris is able to set her sights on who she loves and keep him.  +1 Tris

Point 5: Tris ran into dangerous situations many times to save others and even took on her own boyfriend.  +1 Tris

Point 6: Katniss was put into dangerous situatons, but was mostly concerned with saving her own skin than the rest of the world.  Actually as I type this, I am guessing Tris probably would have stayed with Gale rather than Peeta, which is another plus for Tris, so I give this +2 for Tris.

I hope my ultra serious synopsis brought a smile to your face.  🙂

The Book Thief and Divergent

I would recommend anyone seeing the movie The Book Thief.  However, I would recommend the book more, which I am sure I did when I wrote about this amazing piece of literature.  The movie, while very good, may be difficult to follow if you hadn’t read the book.  The characters did a great job, though, and I feel the story still came to life.  The little boy in the movie completely reminded my husband and me of our little toe-head…not just in his appearance, but in his behaviors.  It was sweet to be reminded of him, except for his fate, of course.  Bottom line, go see the movie it is good, but read the book, it is better!

I have been waiting for over a year to see my movie Divergent!  Divergent and its sequel are a couple of my favorite fiction books and the movie did not disappoint!  I would recommend the book and the movie to anyone!  SO GOOD!  I would easily pay to see it again.  😉  Yes I am the same person who criticized the Son of God movie, and no, this movie does not give a message of salvation, BUT it does not claim to either.  😉  Good movie, good book, highly recommended!

Son of God

I went to see the Son of God movie yesterday.   It was a decent film.  Movies like this one and the Passion of the Christ have to take some liberties and I sometimes struggle with them.  The liberties in this movie made it seem more relational then others, which is probably how it was…not just the Word, but the downtimes, too.  I could nitpick both movies…but the fact is that I am glad that they are in the movie theaters for the public to see.  I am so excited that we live in a country where we are allowed to have Jesus be the star in a film.  I love that both movies get The Message out there and I pray for the souls that see the movie that they may take a step closer to Him.

The previews we saw included Heaven is for Real and Noah.  Heaven is for Real looks like it is matches the book pretty well.  Noah has some big names in it and it will be interesting to see.

As excited as I am that these movies are in the theaters, I get nervous that since they are in the movie theaters, people will think of them as fiction or fantasy.  So, I pray.  It has to be better that they are in the theater than if they were not.  So, I pray.  I pray that a piece of the message, the Word, something will bring salvation to those who are not yet saved.

UPDATED:   Everyone is asking me about the movie and this is my response to one of my most recent inquirers:

I left the moving feeling a bit let down and I couldn’t really figure out why.  I knew there were lots of changes from the Bible, subtle as they might have been.  Changes that people who don’t know the Bible wouldn’t know.  The more I thought about it and the more questions I was asked about it the more I realized I was more diappointed than I first thought.  
I was on guard right from the start when they showed the wise men visiting Jesus right after His birth.  And then they changed the last supper with the bread and Jesus forcing it into Judas’ mouth…and didn’t emphasize why He was dying…which should have been the whole point of the movie.  Plus they put in scriptures that were accurate but in the wrong places.  I could continue.  I know it is a movie, but it is a movie about Jesus and if it is going to be seen as fiction than it probably shouldn’t be in the theaters.  I would probably take it better if the new Noah movie has inaccuracies b/c that story isn’t likely to affect someone’s salvation.  But to change Jesus’ life…
I know a movie cannot be responsible for bringing someone to Christ, but I don’t understand the point in changing it.  I know there are different interpretations, but things were actually changed, and so yes, it would be considered false teaching.  I think of them in the same way as the big tv Christian personalities (televangelists) who say everything right…almost…but why twist it at all?  Will they be the ones outside the gates telling Jesus they did all these things for Him and He saying He doesn’t know them.  I pray that the movie has positive impacts and not negative.  And I know I am not better than anyone, I just try to discern what is acceptable and not.  I have a lot of my own garbage I pray about too.  So I am not claiming I know all or anything like that.  
Sooo…I probably could continue, but that is a good summary of my thoughts.  And they are just my thoughts from my understanding of the Bible.

The Kite Runner and Catching Fire

I finished The Kite Runner.  It took me about a third of the book to “get into it” but then I was hooked.  It was done well.  Khaled Hosseini is a talented author.  It is eye opening.  That is the best way for me to describe it.   My heart breaks for the suffering of people all over the world.  I am not one to pretend that the world is always happy and no one faces pain.  On the contrary, I know that there is more than enough suffering and pain to go around.  But sometimes thinking like that is just as bad as pretending there is none, because we get immune to it.  I like reading books that put it in my face a little bit.  It makes me better aware.  And hopefully the more aware we are, the more help we will be able to provide.  Even if our help is “only to pray,” prayer is an enormous thing we can do, because God can reach across the world.

I also saw Catching Fire this weekend.  I give a lot of credit to everyone that is part of the Hunger Games movies.  I think the movies are an excellent representation of the books in details, characters and settings.  I enjoy the Hunger Games series.  I am not as big of a fan of the second and third books as I am of the first, but I still enjoy them.  The movie was the same for me.  As good as it was, not quite as wonderful as the first.  It is a tough thing to do.  I still think they all did a great job!  And, I loved that Divergent was previewed…cannot wait to see that, too.  🙂

Alex Cross and Caspian

I finally finished the Alex Cross series…or at least what is there so far.  I have to say, my review of each book isn’t very different.  There were few surprises.  As the books went on, the plots had more depth, but the endings still left a little to be desired.  I would surely read the next one…if there will be a next one.  I chose to not try to figure out James Patterson’s political stance and simply focus on the content.  I became attached to the characters and they were easy and entertaining reads.  Of all the books, I think “Merry Christmas Alex Cross” and “Alex Cross Run”  could actually be decent movies.


I am almost finished reading Prince Caspian to my kids.  They do enjoy it, but not as much as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I can’t argue, it is hard to beat the first book in this series.  Prince Caspian is still a great read and we will be moving on to The Dawn Treader upon completion.


I love people.  I do.  I love smiles and hugs and listening and quirks and eye twinkles.

I am pretty good at finding at least one redeeming quality in each person…most of the time.

And so…I often wonder why people frustrate me SO MUCH.

I suppose the answer is in the first sentence.  I love people.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t care that they were ruining their lives.  I love people…my people…my kids, my husband, my parents, my family, my friends.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t care that other people were attempting to ruin their lives.  The latter trumps the former reason, but both reasons are truth.

I am tired!  I am tired of swimming upstream to teach my children that those going with the stream do not have their best interest at heart.  I am NOT tired in a way that I will give up.  I am tired in the way that makes me sad…sad for those going downstream, sad for what my children have to know, sad for where innocence has gone.

  • Yesterday I saw a preview for a movie…A CARTOON movie…a movie for KIDS.  This movie is base on paranormal activity.  Naive as I may be, I don’t think I knew a mite about paranormal things when I was 8 years old…a common age for PG cartoon movie goers.  I guess I knew basic ghost and witches Halloween type stuff, but not dead people haunting your life type stuff.  I cannot comprehend what would possess anyone to create this for children.  It made me angry.  Why are the media makers so set on turning our children into adults (and not good ones) at such an early age.
  • I am frustrated that our children are taught to go along with society just to keep the peace instead of standing up for what they believe in.  I am frustrated that they are expected to tolerate everything, but if they stand up for the written Word, they are anything BUT tolerated.  I am frustrated that good and evil have traded places.
  • I took my daughter to see a movie about saving trees….basically.  Cute movie as a whole.  I love trees, flowers, etc.  My husband plants trees endlessly it seems sometimes.  We like to garden flowers and food.  Despite this, I am not going to mourn the loss of a tree and really don’t think someone is going to take away every tree in the world…but that is neither here nor there.  While watching the movie in the back of my mind I was pondering how many people put more effort into saving a tree than in saving a life…
  • I homeschool my children.  Homeschooling is not right for everyone and I am not about to tell you to do so, but I will tell anyone to leave it alone if it is working.  Homeschooling has received its share of knocks, but lately I have seen judgments solely for Christian homeschooling.  I hate to break it to you (not really actually), but whether you are a Christian or not does not make or break your ability to homeschool.  I will be the first to agree that many who attempt to homeschool their children fail in one way or another.  I was adamant that I would never homeschool my children.  And, guess what?  I do.  As of now, my kids are having great success with it and we will continue it as long as it works for us and for them.

I know this post may make some upset.  That’s okay.  Perhaps you will be upset because you care.  Disagreement does not equal hatred.  Please know while these issues may sound like random ventings, they are all true, honest and fully supported thoughts of this average girl/wife/mommy.  With the world changing so fast, I am trying desperately to hold onto my roots and my faith most importantly.  I am hopeful and prayful that my roots will grow into strong branches that yield good fruit and that God’s strength and wisdom is evident in my children.