Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is amazing.  She is amazing because of God.  God gave her the strength to live a life full of indescribable joy and indescribable heartache.  None of us can comprehend the courage she needed.  No one can comprehend being the parent of God.  However, Mary is not God, she is not Jesus, you cannot get to Heaven by praying to Mary.  Jesus Himself tells us that He is the only way.  THE ONLY WAY.  Please know that while Mary should be honored, she should not be an idol and she cannot be a replacement for Jesus.  He is the WAY…follow HIM and He will make your paths straight.  

ocean cake

Many moons ago my son turned one and this was the cake I made him…

Teddy Graham swimmers, jello water, graham cracker sand and a twinkie boat.

Do you think I made it more for him or me?  Oh well!  I know he liked it…I also know he would have been just as happy with a chocolate chip cookie.  🙂



You should have seen my kitchen afterwards…but it sure was fun!  🙂