Just some random-ness for Wednesday.

* Did you ever wonder why we are satisfied going out to eat with a main course, a side or two and maybe a dessert, but when we cook for friends or family we find it necessary to make 1-2 main dishes, half a dozen sides and at least one dessert?

* Why is it that 65 degrees feels pleasant outside, chilly inside and unbearable in the water?

* What was the homeless man seeking?  We tried to give him food and he rejected it.

* Why does it make me sad to be labeled healthy and hearty instead of skinny?  Is it possible to be skinny and strong at the same time?

* When you are able to talk to your friends about very personal and potentially yucky health things does it make you close or does it make you old?

And this is not a question, but too sweet not to share.  My little girl said the other day…

“If I had 2 hearts I could love Jesus twice as much”

Also when talking of potential birthday plans (which is FAR away) she said, “I love doing fun girly things.”

The Best Part of Being Healthy and other random thoughts

While my days are full of normal life, the random thought posts may be more of a staple than full posts.  So here are some more ponderings of this soul.

* “Crockpots and beef are a winning combination!”

Before owning a crockpot, I thought it was a non-necessary kitchen item.  I am not a spender, so why buy something when I can use the oven for the same purpose.  HOWEVER…now that I am a crockpot owner…I have to say, while it is not perfect for all recipes, it is a winner for things like roasts, stews, soups and shredded meats and more.  So tender, so full of flavor, so yummy!  And more than that, you plop it all in the pot in the morning and there is minimal prep for dinner at dinner time.  🙂

* “I need to be spiritually fit!”

With training, I am pushing myself a little more each week, getting stronger and building endurance (at least I hope!).  I need to be doing the same thing in my walk with Christ.  I have outgrown my old routine and need to add more to it.  I have a running and lifting plan, so starting today have a new spiritual plan as well…one which will hopefully make me stronger in my faith and have more endurance in my walk.

* “The best part of being healthy is that you can eat!”

It is amazing how instead of just working on being toned after my last child, I cut back on a lot of calories.  Yeah, I was able to fit in some great clothes, but I was not healthy.  Eating diet foods and minimally at that.  Now I eat a lot (mostly healthy), and my metabolism loves it!  It has kicked in full tilt.  I may weigh more than I did last year at this time, but I am healthy, I am eating, I have muscle, and I still fit into my clothes.  

* “Oh this is what sleep feels like…”

After a week of coughing children up all night, the last few nights of sleep have been blessings.  I am not generally a scattered person…I am pretty planned out, but last week with an average of 3-4 hours of sleep, phew, my brain was not on the top of its game.

* “I love spring!”

This needs no explanation.

* “I love my family!”  “I love my Lord!”

Thank You God for blessing my life so abundantly.  Thank You God for Your grace, mercy, forgiveness and love!