Wasn’t I just saying…

Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep…it is funny how our bodies react to things.  I think about Joshua every single day, but whether I want to or not, the emotions come flowing out this time of year.  My mind spins, my memories overwhelm me.  I don’t think this is a bad thing…I want to remember, even if it is painful.  Anyway, since I was awake with a racing mind, I finally got out of bed and I blogged at 4:30 yesterday morning about Satan attacking people around Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know, about 12 hours later, he struck again.

My heart and prayers are with my aunt, my cousins and my whole family as we mourn the loss of my uncle who passed away yesterday with a great suddenness.  My aunt has a confident peace and hope that her husband is now with his Lord and Savior.  That is the only comfort for someone who suffers a great loss.  It doesn’t make the pain go away, it doesn’t mean there are no hard times, but there is a huge relief knowing that the one you lost is eternally at rest and made new.

My sweet cousin after just hearing the news late last night was the first one this morning who remembered Joshua with us.  It is an honor that people still take the time to remember him.

There are lots of trials and struggles in our world each day…here and across the world.  God is still and always BIGGER and he will overcome!


1 Chronicles 16:9

Sing to him. Sing praise to him.
Tell about all of the wonderful things he has done.


I am a firm believer in praising God during good times and bad.  Not that I am perfect at it.  But God is God all the time and God is good all the time.  Lately, after watching so many around me go through a lot of pain for the last few years, they are starting to receive GREAT BLESSINGS and answers to prayer.  So I want to take a short moment to PRAISE GOD  extra today for the faithful One He is.  

Prayers and Fresh Starts

It hasn’t been that long since I have prayed for God to humble me.  It wasn’t long before He answered my prayer, though I realize saying that He humbled me lacks some humility in of itself.  He is still working on me.  But, I wanted to share.

He humbled me gently.  Not in a way where I feel like “poor me” or want others to think similar thoughts.  It is not like that.  It happened in a way where I am in awe (again!) that He continues to put up with me and my poor discipline in giving Him all of my time.    In a way that I know I need to reclaim my life…not for me, but for Him.  In my faith, in my family life, physically, emotionally, in every area I need to surrender all to Him and for Him.  It is something I constantly work on, but most assuredly not with all the effort I should.  Now is the time.  God is telling me (again!) He is enough…He is Lord…He is All.  If I give everything to Him, all else will fall into place as it should.  No, that doesn’t mean it will all fall into place as I think it should, but as He thinks it should.  His plan prevails in the end…always.