Just a few questions…if you can offer some logical answers I would love to hear! ¬†ūüôā

* ¬†Why should my children be raised to not be proud of their country? ¬†Isn’t that what are leaders are portraying if they are making excuses for those killing our people and burning our flag? ¬†Shouldn’t we be raising our children to stand up for their beliefs?

* ¬†When Hillary Clinton spoke of our country’s tolerance with all religions from its start, did she remember that our country was built on Christian values? ¬†Did she think that she just may be more tolerant of the attackers on our soil than many were to the owner of Chick Fil A?

* If these attackers truly attacked because of this film (which no one really knows) isn’t that proving the film’s point?


Leaders of this country…I want my children to grow up in a country that has enough defense funds to protect them. ¬†I want my children to grow up in a country where they do not need to apologize for being American or for flying a flag on American soil. ¬†I want my children to grow up in a country where they can continue to praise God and not be thought of as evil for being a Christian. ¬†Leaders of this country…how do you plan to protect our freedoms?


Just some random-ness for Wednesday.

* Did you ever wonder why we are satisfied going out to eat with a main course, a side or two and maybe a dessert, but when we cook for friends or family we find it necessary to make 1-2 main dishes, half a dozen sides and at least one dessert?

* Why is it that 65 degrees feels pleasant outside, chilly inside and unbearable in the water?

* What was the homeless man seeking?  We tried to give him food and he rejected it.

* Why does it make me sad to be labeled healthy and hearty instead of skinny?  Is it possible to be skinny and strong at the same time?

* When you are able to talk to your friends about very personal and potentially yucky health things does it make you close or does it make you old?

And this is not a question, but too sweet not to share. ¬†My little girl said the other day…

“If I had 2 hearts I could love Jesus twice as much”

Also when talking of potential birthday plans (which is FAR away) she said, “I love doing fun girly things.”