‘Twas the night before Christmas…

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except the puking youngest child… *sigh*

And so came crashing down the plans for our yearly Christmas brunch…*sigh*

We had great plans, which we hope to piece together throughout the week once all are strong and healthy again.  🙂  The kids had a skit about The Legend of the Candy Cane, we had brunch planned including such yummy things as quiche, she crab soup, crab cakes monkey bread, meatballs, champagne, desserts and other delectibles.  We had a new fireplace to share the “warmth” of Christmas.  😉  Not to mention gifts galore.

You know what though?… my kids (and myself, as well) were most disappointed about not getting together with the people!  We love being with our extended family!  We have been talking all month about how Christmas isn’t about all the frills and gifts, but solely the rejoicing of Christ’s birth.  The birth of our Savior!  Without this glorious day we would have no hope and no future.  And so, tomorrow, we will focus on that even more with our quiet and subdued day warding off illness.  I will miss seeing my family and serving them brunch and giving them gifts…but that will come soon enough.  Tomorrow we will just huddle together as a family and rejoice our king!  And if the kids are well enough, we will spoil them a bit with all the feast foods that are left to be eaten by someone…  😉  Oh yes and there will be presents of course.

Speaking of glorious, we just had an amazing Christmas Eve service at our church that was truly glorious.  Seriously, I would have paid money to see the worship team…their performance was amazing!  And the hope of Christ was clearly stated throughout the evening.

The hope of Christ gives such peace and joy!  I see it in my kids constantly.  They have such a wonderful perspective on things.  When we go to visit Joshua, it is a place of good memories for them.  The cemetery is just another playground where they are able to visit Joshua’s place, decorate it and throw in a game of tag.

I am going to repeat the quote I posted last time, because it is just meaningful to me.  Life changes, love remains…No matter what life throws at us…from a sick kid to a horrible loss…love remains.  Love is the most important thing we can give and receive.  Love from one another is an amazing thing.  Love from Christ, our King and Savior, trumps everything.

Priceless Words

Here are a few of my favorite kid quotes.  These are NOT from forwards, these are from my own kiddos mouths over the years.

  • When my daughter was trying to realize that the chicken “with eyes” and the chicken on your plate are the same, I tried to point out to her that we eat all things like chicken, fish, cows, etc…and my son jumps in and says, “yeah, like Monkey Bread.”


  • My son brought me a toy to fix.  I still don’t know what was wrong with it.  But, I looked it over and did something to “fix” it.  He runs to his siblings and says, “Mommy touched it and it is all fixed!”


  • My daughter, when my husband was sick, told him he would get better because “when you are sick God touches your back and you get better.  When I was sick God touch-ed my back and made me better.”


  • My son, “Mommy its stuck, I can’t get my achoo out.”  (when he couldn’t sneeze)


  • My son asked his grandpa how he was and Grandpa was silly and said , “wonderful and beautiful and great and…”  Then my son says, “You don’t have a skirt.  You can’t be beautiful without a skirt!”