Priceless Words

Here are a few of my favorite kid quotes.  These are NOT from forwards, these are from my own kiddos mouths over the years.

  • When my daughter was trying to realize that the chicken “with eyes” and the chicken on your plate are the same, I tried to point out to her that we eat all things like chicken, fish, cows, etc…and my son jumps in and says, “yeah, like Monkey Bread.”


  • My son brought me a toy to fix.  I still don’t know what was wrong with it.  But, I looked it over and did something to “fix” it.  He runs to his siblings and says, “Mommy touched it and it is all fixed!”


  • My daughter, when my husband was sick, told him he would get better because “when you are sick God touches your back and you get better.  When I was sick God touch-ed my back and made me better.”


  • My son, “Mommy its stuck, I can’t get my achoo out.”  (when he couldn’t sneeze)


  • My son asked his grandpa how he was and Grandpa was silly and said , “wonderful and beautiful and great and…”  Then my son says, “You don’t have a skirt.  You can’t be beautiful without a skirt!”